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  • Manila Fantasy Basketbal League

    NBA junkies of the world! Unite! Basketball goes to cyberspace! The MFBL Mission:

      To create the 1st and only NBA fantasy basketball league based in Manila, Philippines. The MFBL will be participated by NBA experts and enthusiasts [as we said it earlier ... junkies] who live in Metro Manila.

      The preference for members coming from Manila would lead to a live draft which we hope to do starting the 1999-2000 NBA season.


  • Celebrity Slugfest

    They say there is too much violence in society today. And because almost everything now is going virtual, so's violence. This Shockwave-powered site enables you to reach out and punch…err…touch…your favorite personality. You choose from a list of personalities then you get to have a one-on-one using your computer keyboard. You'll see your virtual fists punching the lights out David Letterman. They don't just stand there for the punching, though. They punch back.


  • Nudescapes
    Glenn's Studio


    Glenn's Studio is simply beautiful! Drop by to see Nudescapes. The Uncommon Art of Glenn Bautista. Art Gallery.

    A visit you'll never forget.

    If you can't access Glenn's TalkCity site, try the mirror Glenn's Studio PhilWorld site.


  • Disinformation

    Did you know David Hasselhoff is the anti-Christ?!?!?! Yeah, the Baywatch guy. This site does so convincingly by giving comparisons of Hasselhoff's life and passages from the Book of Revelation. Weird indeed.


  • Steve's Ant Farm

    Why waste your time steering up your own ant farm, when for just pennies a day, you can sit back and watch Steve's? In man's never-ending quest to point cameras at objects and then put them on the Web, we've come to this, Steve's ants digging tunnels. The action is updated every five minutes.


  • The Web in Pig Latin

    Ustjay atwhay ethay orldway eedsnay. Just what the world needs. This site will convert any page on the Web into Pig Latin. All you have to do is enter the URL and VOILA!

    It's translated! Have fun deciphering the pages!


  • Adam and Sarah Frequently Asked Questions

    "There may be some confusion about the status of the relationship between Adam and Sarah. This FA intends to clear up that confusion without requiring explanations." Uhh….

    Just who the heck are Adam and Sarah?!?!


  • Joe's AMAZING Relationship Problem Solver!

    This one's a gag. You'll be asked questions answerable by yes or no and you'll get answers such as "dump him/her", "get a clue" or "you're better off" statements. If you're really down on the dumps, I wouldn’t suggest going to this site. It might just make you suicidal *g*. You'd be better off wallowing in self-pity the first couple of days.



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