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Koi Verchandt's Vault

Her website is done in bloody red and pitch black. Her smilies have fangs. She answers questions from humans and gives advice to teenagers and explains to them why they wouldn't want to become like her. She is Koi Verchandt, vampire.

Madeleine's Home Page

Home page by a real vampire describing her theories and experiences.

The Vampire's Vault


The Transylvanian Society of Dracula

The Society provides a clearing-house of information pertaining to the serious study of Dracula and related topics. Its members comprise historians, folklorists, literary critics, researchers, students, film enthusiasts - anyone with a serious interest in Dracula.

World of Forensic Entomology

Ever wondered what happens to a body after death?

Real Vampires

For vampires and those who want to know about them.


Dedicated to fans of Nightstalkers and other creatures of the night.

A Theory on Real Vampirism

A site devoted to real vampire research, including theories about vampire retrovirii. Material about symptoms of vampirism, vampire varieties, vampire offspring, myths and folklore leading to vampire beliefs. FAQ, links, webrings.

Vampire & Halloween Page

Vampyres Only


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