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Webbed Vampires

by smbea <mabelle@msc.net.ph>


Not only do they now exist in our imaginations, in books, in movies, in tales told on Hallow's Eve, they now feed on cyberspace.

The Internet true to its nature (it's penetrability to all kinds of information), it has become a niche for these creatures of the night.

The Transylvanian Society of Dracula Over the centuries, ever since The Impaler, who was the basis of Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, vampires have become the objects of fascination, curiosity and fear.

Countless of times have they been portrayed on screen - bloodthirsty, blood-sucking, fanged, demonic-looking creatures, rid of any traces of human warmth. They prey on unsuspecting virgins, draining the blood out of them, their fangs working far more efficiently than suction needles.

While we have been taught, albeit unconsciously and indirectly, of how and what a vampire ought to look and act like, a considerable number of sites devoted to vampires and by people who profess to be real vampires seem to tell a completely opposite thing. That vampires, while they never lose the fangs, still look like ordinary people. They can be as inconspicuous as the next non-vampire person, could actually blend in the so-called woodwork and never betray their true nature.

Do vampires exist? How does one know someone is a vampire? Are vampires as bloodthirsty creatures as the movies and books have portrayed them to be or was it all just an exaggeration? Are vampires predators or are they parasites? Are you an unconscious, un-evolved vampire?

Here are links to vampire sites to help you find the answers. Whether you're just curious or genuinely interested in vampires, there's no time to check them out but now.

Oh, and watch out for that person you might meet on your way to the grocery store. You can never be sure if he's a vampire or not. ;-[


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