The Internet, the Philippines and Internet in the Philippines
    Issue 18 July - August 2000 I S S N   0119-7088

This Side of the Philippines
20 Websites for Your Surfing Pleasure

  1. Chismis
    Chika to the MAX!
  2. Pinakamagagandang Pinay sa bansa
    So who for you is the most beautiful Filipina today? This site lets you vote! Put in your top 10, your sexiest or even hottest female stars. Current battle is between Ara Mina and Joyce Jimenez.
  3. Celebrity Desktops
    Lots of wallpapers of your favorite actors and actresses here!
  4. Ina Raymundo's Official Website
  5. Janno Gibbs' Website
  6. Rowell's Anime Online
  7. Philippine Embassies and Consulate listing of the Philippines
  8. Ayala Center Cebu
  9. Gary Granada's Home Page
  10. Tayabas Interactive - Tayabense Tambayan on the Web
  11. Explore Batanes Islands Philippines
  12. Maragtas and Kalantiaw - Kasaysayan, Alamat o Panlilinlang?
  13. Dragon Ball Z in Animenation
  14. LocalVibe
  15. Manoeuvres
  16. AsiaOnline Philippines
  17. WindSurfing Philippines
  18. Pen and Ink: The Philippine Literary Journal
  19. Connect Filipino Newsletter
  20. Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas

This Side of the Philippines
How To Keep Your Cell Phone From Being Stolen and How To Find Lost Cell Phones
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20 Websites for Your Surfing Pleasure
By S

Weird Wired Web
Websites For Webmasters, Christians, Travelers And Writers!

Caught in the Net
My Computer Is About To Crash!
by Kylie Ardill

The Internet Fool Box
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Keep Your Kids Safe Online
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The Top Net News In July

Newbie 101
Batteries Not Included
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Web Page 10 Commandments
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7 Secrets To Writing A Successful Ad (And Make Your Customers Buy Your Product!)
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What's The Big Fuss About Long Domain Names?
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Small Businesses and the Power of Strategic Alliances
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Get Movin' And Start Advertising!
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My Blue Room
All About Ally
by Meg R

Fear's A Prison Cell
by S

The Dollar Stretcher
Fix It Myself?
by Gary Foreman

Buying A Major Appliance
by Gary Foreman


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