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The Philippine League for Democratic Telecommunications, Inc. (PLDTI) today filed its Answer to the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company's (PLDT) Complaint for Unlawful Use of Tradename and Unfair Competition, and sought compulsory counterclaims amounting to one hundred million pesos (Php100,000,000.00) before Branch 90 of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court.

In its answer, PLDTI stated that PLDT's suit against it was "maliciously filed" and "constituted gross negligence, if not wanton bad faith" due to PLDT's inclusion of PLDTI in their suit regarding the creation and maintenance of the PLDT.COM website. The said website is the subject of litigation in the PLDT's case, which co-named Mr. Gerardo Kaimo, an incorporator and trustee in PLDTI.

"Defendant Kaimo has publicly admitted he is the sole registrant of the PLDT.COM domain, and the sole creator and webmaster (along with assistant personnel) of the www.pldt.com website," stated Rod Domingo, legal counsel of PLDTI. "While PLDTI is completely behind Mr. Kaimo with moral support in this case, PLDT is clearly and utterly unwarranted in naming PLDTI as a co-defendant as PLDTI has had no involvement whatsoever with either the domain name or website in question. Furthermore, PLDTI shares the arguments and positions Mr. Kaimo holds in his defense against PLDT."

In its prayer, PLDTI asked the court to dismiss the case against itself, and also asked for fifty million pesos (Php50,000,000.00) in moral damages, as well as fifty million pesos (Php50,000,000.00) in exemplary damages. To justify its request for moral damages, PLDTI claimed injury to its reputation and good name as a leading watchdog against PLDT's own abuses against the general consuming public, and asked the court to further award it an equal amount to make an example of the telco giant. "This should show PLDT that in a free and democratic country such as ours, they can't just bully and harass their critics into submission," said Jonathan Domingo, PLDTI's secretary-general. "Maybe next time, PLDT and other companies like it will think twice before dragging innocent people to court."

PLDTI is a consumer organization dedicated to fighting abuses by large business interests against the general public welfare. In an article published in a leading newspaper in late 1998, the consumer group alerted the public to PLDT's impending move to impose mandatory metering on local telephone calls, sparking waves of protest among consumers throughout the country. After a number of hearings before various government authorities, the move was later suspended indefinitely by the National Telecommunications Commission. Philippine League for Democratic Telecommunications, Inc. Atty. Rod Domingo Domingo and Dizon Law Office LPL Center, Unit 15B 130 Alfaro Street, Salcedo Village Makati City, Metro Manila 1280 Tel Nos: 813-3459 / 813-3497 / 813-3518 Fax No: 812-7997 E-mail: info@pldti.org Website URL: http://www.pldti.org


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