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Straight from the Tech Support's Mouth...
by Arjay <arjayz@yahoo.com>

Q. I can't connect on the Internet. What's wrong?

A. You can do several things here: check your TCP/IP Settings in your Dial-up Networking; check your TCP/IP Network Settings in your Control Panel; check your modem if it's working and check its configurations at your Control Panel if the right modem is installed.

Q. I always get disconnected after a few minutes. Is there something wrong with the set-up?

A. Make sure you uncheck options inside your dialer that disconnects you after a certain time. In your Internet icon inside your Control Panel, you have to disable the idle timer. Other reasons for disconnection are poor and noisy phone lines, unstable modem connections and speed inconsistencies. Try to lower down the baud rate of your modem to get an stable connection.

Q. Authentication Error! It keeps on asking for my password. I was able to log-in before.

A. Make sure you type in your login name and the letters in your password correctly. Check the caps lock key in your keyboard. Remember that passwords are case sensitive. If you still can't connect, there could be something wrong with your password or you account may have been temporarily cancelled. As soon as you find out if this is the reason, you should call your service provider for assistance. Other reason are that you have performed multiple log-ins that causes account problems and your ISP's authentication server could be down.

Q. When I try to connect, I get the message "Could not negotiate a set of network protocols you specified...".

A. This happens either when you are unsuccessful logging in during password entry, when your ISP's authentication server is down, or when your TCP/IP is missing or corrupted.

Q. The telephone you're dialing is not answering.

A. There are two reasons: (1) The lines are full, and (2) your ISP's server is down .

Q. I've been retrieving my e-mail for almost an hour now. The status bar indicated "Message 2 of 5" What's wrong?

A. This usually happens when somebody sends you a big file attachment. It could be a program, it could be a picture, who knows. If your e-mail program has an option that skips big messages, mark this option to enable you to receive the rest of your e-mails. Call your service provider's hotline and request to check or delete the large mail for you.

Q. When I start to retrieve my e-mail, it comes to a pause, then a message "Connection timed out" comes out. Sometimes, a message "Cannot find mail server...." comes out. What's wrong?

A. This happens when your e-mail program can't seem to find the address of the mail server. This may be caused by slow transmission or sudden modem slowdown. Make sure that your POP (helops you retrieve your e-mail) and SMTP (helps you to send e-mails) servers are set according to your ISP's specifications.

Q. I received an e-mail with a file attachment, but all I get are garbled messages. Why?

A. Garbled attachments could be caused by two things: (1) the settings of the e-mail program of the other party could be wrong. You have to choose between MIME or Binhex when attaching a file. It really depends on what file you're going to attach; or (2) there could be a glitch along the way causing loss of data. This will cause a garbled file attachment since the program did not recognize what type of file was attached.

Q. I received a returned mail. Why?

A. There are three possibilities: (1) the e-mail address of the other party could be wrong; (2) the address could be right, but it might not be existing anymore. Make sure to enter the correct e-mail address of the other party. When you reply, their address automatically comes out. Be sure to double check if it's correct before you send; and (3) the ISP or mailhost the address belongs to is temporarily down. The return message that you received only informs you that you need not re-send the message because the server will keep on trying to send that e-mail for four days. If four days have already passed and the message is still undelivered, the server then stops and considers the recipient's host as down.

Q. What does the error message "Unable to copy mailbox to spool/tmp" mean?

A. This means that you have an overloaded mailbox caused by large incoming files, old mails left in the mailbox or mailbombs. Your server usually set a limit to your mailbox which is large enough for most users. This is to protect you from mailbombs or unsolicited mails. If this happens, call the helpdesk of your provider to assist you in downloading them.

Q. How do I avoid mailbox overload?

A. There are three ways to avoid mailbox overload. One, do not leave your mails on the mail server. Check the properties of your e-mail program for the "Remove mails from the server" option. Be choosy in subscribing to mailing lists to avoid receiving spam mails or junk mails.

Q. When I download a big file, I get disconnected along the way. Why is this so?

A. Again, downloading a large file is risky especially when you're not an UNLIMITED account holder. Disconnections are caused by several factors. It could be poor lines, it could be a glitch in your modem, or the FTP server could be down. That's why when you're trying to download a large file, prepare to face a risky journey. When disconnected, you have to start all over again. That's downloading for you.

Q. When logging on to a chat server, I get disconnected. Is there something wrong with my set-up?

A. This happens most of the time when you access international chat servers. The server could be down or maybe it's taking so long for the server to reply to your request for connection. You have to try your luck in other chat servers.

Q. When I open my browser, Netscape, it displays "Unable to connect to proxy server." I'm unable to surf. What should I do? 

A. Set the Proxy to No Proxies on the Netscape/network preferences.

Q. I sometimes get any one of these messages: "Port already open." "Error message" or "Is being used by another Dial-up connection." What are the possible causes.

A. The possible cause of "Port already open" and "is being by another dialup networking or telephony device" is either one of these two: the selected port is being used already, or the modem specified is not right.

Q. "The modem is not responding." Why is this so?

A. It is probably caused by a modem that is turned off, incorrect phone type, wrong modem type, or a busted modem.

Q. I can connect and get my server's homepage but I can't access any other site. What's the problem?

A. The server's leased line is down.


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