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"Surf the Web" Quiz -- December 1999


E-mail your entries to wired-editors@msc.net.ph with "Surf the Web Contest" in the subject. Also include your real name, contact number(s) and primary email address.

Remember that the object is not to simply give us the answers, but rather, show us how you used the web to find the answers!

For official rules and instructions, just click here.

  1. How much does Homer Simpson weigh?
  2. How do I make a paper shark?
  3. I'm travelling to Munich next week to visit some friends. How much is my P10,000 converted to their local currency?
  4. What is the name of the US satellite that mysteriously disappeared last September on its mission to Mars? (Don't use the name of the US satellite. Assume that you don't know the name.)
  5. What is the legendary "ibong adarna"?
  6. Who is the current president of Sri Lanka? (Don't use the name of Sri Lanka's President.)
  7. While in Baguio for vacation, you suddenly remembered you need to deposit your paycheck to avoid being overdrawn. Which BPI branches can you go to?
  8. What is John Grisham's latest novel? (Again, assume that you don't know the title.)
  9. You're wondering how to pack that ceramic pot you are sending to your aunt in Australia. Being environmentaly conscious, to decide to cushion it with something natural and biodegradable, but not paper. What will you use?
  10. I cry without eyes, travel without feet. What am I?
  11. (BONUS) Where can I find the recipe for Alex III barbeque chicken with sauce?


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