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There's Hotmail. There's Rocketmail. There's Mailcity. There's Mailexcite. These are some of the most popular free web-based e-mail services abounding cyberspace. Not counting a number of other free e-mail services. If you're a cyberflip who's after an identity in cyberspace that's a hundred percent Filipino, this free e-mail service is guaranteed to give you such.

Launched in March 1998, Pinoymail is the country's first free e-mail service for us Filipinos, whether we're in the Philippines or in any other country. Pinoymail has recently forged partnerships with the Philippine Daily Inquirer Job Market and Yehey , the country's top Net search engine.

Because it basically functions the same way as the other web-based e-mail services do, Pinoymail lets its subscribers send and receive e-mails from anywhere in any computer terminal with Internet connection at any given time.

If you're a student, you'll have your own personal e-mail address. If you're a businessman who is constantly on business trips and can't stay in one place long enough, this service gives you the option of having your business communications with you all the time with just a click of your mouse. You say you don't own a computer, neither do you have Internet access. That's ok. You can still get a Pinoymail account and have your e-mails accessed from an Internet café. You're currently sharing an e-mail account with another person. Pinoymail is free so why not get your own e-mail account and have some e-mail privacy?

Pinoymail has a very user-friendly interface. Even newbies will find it easy to navigate and use the service. You'll be able to send and receive text messages, pictures, documents and other files. And because it's web-based, every Pinoymail e-mail appears like a web page. Hence, you'll be able to receive e-mails with embedded graphics, live text hyperlinks which let you just click on them in order to be able to go to the URL instead of typing the address in your browser, formatting, tables, forms, and other HTML tags and commands, multimedia files and more.

You don't have to know the nitty-gritty of how e-mail works. Nor do you have to configure your account once you subscribe to Pinoymail. All you have to remember is your username and your password and that's it! It even keeps an organized list of e-mail addresses you frequently correspond with. You also have the option to change your personal settings, put signature files, and change your password.

The service is fairly new and the options are still currently limited. The following Pinoymail services are still to come: folders that will help you organize your messages for easy access and management; filters so you can sort your e-mails as they arrive at your mailbox; your own junk mail blocker; a spell checker that will help you get rid of those typos; and a universal mailbox that will enable you to collect your messages from different POP3 mailboxes into one single account for easy mail management.

Go visit and get your free Pinoymail account today. It's one hundred percent Filipino.



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