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Web Tips

by Deborah Anderson

Gif Optimize Please

When deciding what to write about, many items came to mind, but none as often (or persistent) as the need for fast loading web pages as it relates to the graphics in your web site.

How many times have you gone to a web site, only to find that you had time to go get a cup of coffee while you waited for the page to load? You probably only waited because you desperately wanted or needed something at that site. Otherwise - you would have surfed on to another site.

Let me suggest something, my friend - always "gif-optimize" your graphics prior to posting them. My favorite online tool for this is located at You may optimize a gif off your desktop or after you have uploaded it. The instructions are simple and clear.

An example of a Graphics Company with a reasonably fast loading page is Corel at (at least at the time of this writing.) I would love to provide you with a not-so-good example, but I would rather not insult anyone. I think you get the "picture."

Surfing for Site Success

When designing or re-designing your web site, keep in mind that you are creating a site for the surfer, not for other webmasters. What works for you when you visit other sites? Now you have to take your webmaster hat off for this - you have to pretend that you are just an average person surfing your way through cyberspace.

Try this exercise -

  • Spend 20 minutes surfing. Yes, kick back & enjoy...
  • Use the search engines or directories or refer to "Submit Your Site To..." ( to find some web sites that may interest you.
  • Write down the web sites that "catch your eye" and make you curious and even interested. Bookmark these if you like for later retrieval and analysis.
  • Analyze - What is it that appeals to you about these web sites? Is it the content? Is it the eye- appealing aspect?
    Note: Do not confuse the "eye-appeal" with design. A poor design may still attract your attention - be it good or bad.
  • Apply these observations to your web site. How can you improve the content of your web site? How can you inspire interaction from your web site visitor? Please note that I said "analyze" not "copy." Also I am not advocating bad designs nor over-active, flashy web sites. The decision is yours - You are the analyst here.

Try will help...

Add Value to Your Web Site: Virtual Cards

Are you looking for something to add to your web site to create more value - another reason for your visitors to return to your site? Consider adding your own personalized virtual cards.

If you are not CGI-savvy you may consider simply linking to a web site like This web site includes a vast supply of virtual cards for absolutely every occasion imagineable.

To really add value to your web site, I suggest adding your own virtual cards. It may not be as large as Blue Mountain's but the value will be obtained by creating your own graphics. We created a card using our animated logo and use it as a "happy birthday" and "thank you" and everything in between (

I recommend using a script like card.cgi by BigNoseBird ( and gradually adding changing your graphics until you have it just the way you want it. Don't worry if you don't have terrific virtual cards or the quantity that Blue Mountain has - you'll get there eventually (and hopefully so will we :) )

Make Your Site Memorable with Your Domain Name

You've probably all heard it - the importance of having your own domain name, but this really cannot be emphasized enough.

Here are 3 advantages to having your own domain name:

  • credibility
    surfers assume that you are serious about business
  • stability
    with hosting & internic fees, you will not disappear
  • easy-to-remember
    your domain name will be easier to remember if it is a domain name (i.e. rather than a page (i.e.

When choosing your name, I suggest...

  • choose a name that most accurately describes your service/product
  • choose a name that is easy to remember
  • keep in mind "branding" - Do you want people to remember the name of your company (i.e. or your product (i.e.

To check to see if the name that you want is available, or to register your domain name, go to...

Deborah Anderson, of, teaches web design and internet marketing in addition to publishing Webmaster Tips Weekly. Subscribe free by sending a blank email to Get your own Web Tips for your web site
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