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Get Movin' And Start Advertising!

By Debbie Solomon (

OK, we are going to talk about serious advertising here. And I am just going to get to the point....There is absolutely NO product, service or opportunity of any sort that is going to sell itself. SORRY, but this one you will have to work at!

Now, let's get down to business!

We have all heard it before. Advertising is essential. No 'ands, ifs or buts' about it. We have to get into some serious key factors in order to point out the importance of advertising. You have to draw attention. In order to draw attention, you need to entice your audience.

Here is HOW:

  • Start with FREE OFFERS. Yeah, I know you hear this all the time. But, here is the enticing part. ADD urgency in these FREE Offers. Put a deadline on it so people will know that if they do not ACT NOW, they will lose out on it. People still love FREE offers!
  • Offer different FREE offers at various times to keep people coming back. That is the name of the game.... To have people return to your site.
  • If you can, put out a BIG News Update. Add a new special feature, or an enhanced version. Let people know you are constantly improving on your product or service.
  • Offer a DATED AD. Let people know that they are getting something at a special price and they need to act with urgency. Put a date on it, such as "Offer Good until xxxx".

    You can have deadlines on the FREE offers and your main product, at various times to keep the attention. So, always keep this factor in mind.

  • Begin your ad with a "HOW TO". Statements like these get a good response, "How To Make a Fortune in 30 Days"
  • Issue a COMMAND to "DO IT NOW". Such as: "Don't wait another minute. Make money today."
  • Your ad HEADLINES must offer great benefits and these benefits must be immediate. It must create urgency, be specific and it must solve a problem for the customer or give them satisfaction.
  • Begin your ad with BENEFITS and follow up with FEATURES of your product. "Save money and time today using our enhanced software with FREE bonus gifts."

Well, let's get movin' on some real advertising. Even though we all love FREE, don't let these FREE Classfieds and FFA's fool you. Sure you will get tons of ADs out there, but no one will seen them. SO......Pull out your wallet and pay for some good advertising in some E-Zines. Folks can't buy from you if you don't let them know what you're selling or where you are!

Debbie is the Founder and originator of The Profit Zone: The source for FREE Marketing Tools. She is also the Creator of The HomeSource Arena, which is The Leading Source in Certified Home Employment, and owner of The Online Exchange Ezine, a Top Rated, world renowned Ezine. Please visit their site at:

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