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Countdown to Year 2000: Are you ready for it?

Second of a series
By S (mabelle@msc.net.ph)

For the second part of our Y2K countdown, we've compiled a list of Y2k tools you could use and help you determine if your computer is Y2K compliant or not.

ACCUTE-DATE Year 2000 Fix is a tool that automatically corrects potential Year 2000 errors in the BIOS/real-time clocks of IBM-compatible PCs that run Windows 95/98. It covers at least five different types of Year 2000 errors in the BIOS real-time clock services. There's a test version of this Y2K tool at http://www.tryandbuy.com/product.asp?1=773&bo=yahoo

DATE ANALYZER is a Y2K tool you can use to analyze your codes. It scans and examines applications for date references across different languages using a pattern-matching scheme. Then, it analyzes the language rules to detect the items and statements that are potentially affected by the Year 2000. You can get more information about it at http://www.seec.com/products/date_analyzer.html

The CHECK 2000 PC scans your machine and analyzes your hardware and software for Y2K problems. It flags and fixes Y2K PC hardware problems and analyzes and advises on Y2K PC software and data problems. It can identify CPU type, operating system, number of drives, hard disk size, and free space. It also fixes hardware level BIOS problems automatically after performing all necessary BIOS checks. Check 2000 PC has its Web site at http://www.gmt-2000.com

The OnMark 2000 BIOS Test is a date-safe test of the Real-Time Clock (RTC) and Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) operation of a personal computer. BIOS Test evaluates the ability of the system's RTC and BIOS to produce accurate dates as the clock rolls over from December 31, 1999, to January 1, 2000. BIOS Test produces a simple, easy-to-understand report about the BIOS handling of the century rollover and recommends one of three courses of action to support the PC during the Year 2000 date change. And it's free to download at http://onmark.viasoft.com

The YMark2000 is a utility that tests the BIOS and the Real-Time Clock's (RTC) functionality of your system. You'll need to test operating systems and applications separately. YMark2000 runs on any PC and can be run only from DOS. You can read more information about it at http://www.nstl.com/html/ymark_2000.html

ADAPT-PC/2000 is a utility that searches databases, spreadsheets, and other file types, identifying any data that seems to contain dates that are NOT Year 2000 compliant. ADAPT-PC/2000 supports most popular spreadsheet and database programs and is ODBC-compliant for full enterprise scalability. For more information, visit http://www.neom.com/y2k

FIX2000 is a software-testing tool that helps you identify and repair your software's Y2K bugs. It searches your system for potential Y2K conflicts and then recommends a course of action to fix them. You can allow FIX2000 to correct all potential conflicts or specify those changes you would like to be made and those to be left unmodified. No programming knowledge is needed. FIX2000PRO contains versions for MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, and Windows 95. For more information, visit http://www.intelliquis.com

The Year 2000 Analysis Suite provides a network-based tool suite that addresses all popular LAN and desktop applications, including Microsoft Access, Excel, FoxPro, Visual Basic, and Visual C++ programming language source code. Year 2000 Analysis Suite supports ODBC links, allowing networked access of distributed databases addressed by the user applications being analyzed. It runs under Windows 95 (OEMSR2) and NT 4.0 (Service Pack 3 or greater). For more information, visit http://www.ISTinfo.com

2001 provides a host of features to help you manage your software issues. This metalanguage-based tool suite provides solutions and support for multiple reengineering problems such as Y2K, integration to the common European currency (Euro), conversion to international securities exchange standards, and customer-specific problems. It runs under Windows NT and Sun UNIX-Motif workstations and supports applications running on IBM mainframe, DEC VAX, and HP environments. It supports COBOL (many dialects), PL/I, and Fortran and provides automatic transformations to include IBM's Millennium Language Extensions into COBOL and PL/I programs. It also provides support for components such as JCL, SORT, IEBGENER, IDCAMS, MFS, CICS, VSAM, IMS, and DEC DCL. For more information, visit http://www.xinotech.com

2000 ToolBox, from Network Associates, automatically audits a PC's hardware and software and generates recommendations on Y2K problem resolution. 2000 ToolBox addresses the three key Y2K areas: hardware, software, and data files. It applies built-in knowledge of how more than 100 top-selling software programs are affected by date dependencies. It includes a set of tools to safeguard the user's system in preparation for the new century, including McAfee Image/Restore, Registry Backup, Discover, WinGauge Lite, McAfee Rescue Disk, and virus detection based on VirusScan. For more information, visit http://www.nai.com

Avatar2000 Rx is a powerful software analysis tool that highlights dates and linkages throughout your source components as part of a single-tool solution that features no constraints on language, protocol, and platform. It provides support for multiple languages, databases, and source types, and multiple mainframe, mid-range, and distributed environments. Read more about this tool at http://www.AvatarS.com

Tracer 2000 is a Y2K tool that allows you to analyze source code in any language, from any platform. It uses built-in features such as user-customizable pattern and filter scanning, variable propagation through drill-down, status tracking by date-related entity and source file, and reporting, while letting you break large applications into more manageable segments. A built-in source code viewer supplements the scanning results. Scan patterns and filters are user-definable and selectable. Visit http://www.traceware.com for more information.

The Discovery 2000 Y2K tool is a flexible, multiplatform Y2K product by Computer Associates. The tool includes planning, methodology, training, and implementation services, as well as automated tools for every phase of your Y2K project, focusing on iventory and impact assessment; conversion, correction, and code remediation; testing and implementation; Year 2000 project life cycle management; and proof of concept. To know more about this tool, visit http://www.cai.com/solutions/year2000.

WRQ Express 2000 Suite is a tool that should help you in discovering, prioritizing, and controlling your desktop Year 2000 compliance problems. The suite works on any network and delivers clear reports for informed Year 2000 decision making. First, Express 2000 Suite scans your networked PCs and delivers reports of what's installed. Next, it monitors every software launch over a period of time you specify, monitoring usage by time and user, which applications are used by the most people, and how much time is spent using each application. Finally, it automatically discovers the launch of applications, helping you address the use of unapproved applications. you can check out this Y2K tool at http://www.wrq.com/express2000/


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