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The Top Net News in May 1999

Nielsen Media Research Internet service added America Online Inc. as a client for its Internet/online measurement and advertising banner tracking information. Nielsen said it would expand its coverage and reporting of AOL traffic from its Web sites to activity within the channel areas of the proprietary online service.

A test version of Crayon Crawler, a secure Internet browser designed for children, was developed by 1st Net Technologies Inc. It was created upon the idea of educating our children about safe surfing on the Internet, as well as assisting them with traditional educational tasks, mainly homework, reading, writing and research. Features include automatic blocking of vulgarity and a "closed" e-mail system that eliminates unsolicited e-mail and pornographic messages. The Crayon Crawler runs over Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.0. To know more about Crayon Crawler, visit http://www.crayoncrawler.com.

Infoseek said users of its Go network will be able to access its news, sports and entertainment offerings using Palm and Windows CE-based handheld devices. Working with AvantGo.com, standard Web pages are reconfigured for handheld device display.

In a move that demonstrates its commitment to make online education available to anyone, anytime, from anywhere in the world, Ecollege.com launched its program. A hundred students and a hundred colleges and universities will receive $12 million in scholarships and grants to encourage access to online education. The program will funnel money to faculties and institutions to create degree programs online.

Yahoo was the most popular Web site for Internet users and advertisers in the week ended May 2, the Nielsen/NetRatings Internet measurement service said. Of the top 10 properties, Yahoo had the most stickiness, with each user spending an average of 31 minutes, 7 seconds there; least sticky was AltaVista at 6 minutes, 48 seconds per user. The researchers also estimated there are now almost 40 million active Internet users, who, on average, logged on to the Internet five times a week, visited seven sites, and spent a total of 2 hours and 9 minutes online.

A subsidiary of Internet incubator Idealab has acquired PointCast. The new owner of the pioneer "push technology" company is Launchpad Technologies, the developer of the online shopping tool EWallet.

Yahoo! Inc. added voice chat to its pager service through an arrangement with Mpath Interactive. Pager users can contact their friends and invite them to talk by clicking a button on the screen. Assuming they have a sound card, a microphone and speakers, they can use the feature, which uses Mpath's HearMe.com service.

Excite introduced an option to allow users of its Start feature to include photos on their page. Individuals can use their own digital photos or choose from a gallery Excite offers which include pictures of animals, beaches, sunsets and people. Content elements were also added to Excite's service including soap opera updates and a zip code-specific guide to finding concerts, film festivals, sports events and trade shows.

America Online's Netscape announced availability of a new version of its Internet browser and e-mail client, Communicator 4.6. The software loads Web sites faster than competitor Microsoft's Internet Explorer and also includes RealNetworks' RealPlayer G2. Communicator 4.6 also includes a feature to provide users with information about a site they are visiting such as the its popularity and ownership. They can also perform a fast search, read related news stories, or view matching categories in the Netscape Open Directory, by clicking a button on the browser window. The RealPlayer client includes preset links to hundreds of live radio and TV stations from around the world.

The newly merged online music seller CDNow unveiled its new Web site, including elements of its original site and that of its new partner, Music Boulevard. Organized by 16 categories of music, the e-tailer's storefront includes 500,000 CDs and music-related items for sale and an equal number of sound clips for preview. The site features music news and information from Rolling Stone, MTV, and CMJ Music Monthly, as well as features and interviews developed by CDNow's in-house staff of writers and editors.

Source: The Internet Daily Internet Industry News - http://www.tipworld.com


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