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The Top Net News in April 1999

Eight hundred fifty (850) were fired as part of America Online Inc.'s restructuring after it has acquired Netscape Communications Corp. Most of those who were fired came from AOL's Interactive Services groups and Netscape's Netcenter Web site staff.

America Online Inc. acquires When.com, an Internet calendar and event-scheduling company. It was reported that AOL will be developing a new Internet calendar set to be released within the year.

Topica Inc. acquires Liszt ( http://www.liszt.com), an e-mail list directory on the Web.

Microsoft provides French, German and Japanese version of its free e-mail service.

Real.com founder Stuart Skorman announced the launching of a Web site that will offer personalized and custom designed adult education called Hungry Minds (http://www.u-know.com ) in September. Hungry Minds will offer Web-based classes on subjects including professional development and continuing education.

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific reported that as many as 200 million people around the world may be using the Internet within a year or so. The Commission also reported that companies around the world are saving as much as 95% on phone calls, fax services and banking by phone.

Five Internet companies began raising money for the American Red Cross to help meet the emergency humanitarian needs of refugees fleeing Kosovo. Ebay ( http://www.ebay.com), LiveBid.com ( http://www.livebid.com), Amazon.com Auction ( http://www.amazon.com), Yahoo Auctions ( http://auctions.yahoo.com), and Up4Sale ( http://www.up4sale.com) will auction donated items and memorabilia.

RealNetworks signed an agreement to acquire Xing Technology Corporation, a privately held company that develops and provides MP3 software.

Infoseek unveiled a German portal ( http://www.infoseek.de), and Excite announced a joint venture to develop a new Internet company in Spain.

CARE and Internet portal Snap.com announced an online Kosovo Relief Resource Center, a online guide to humanitarian organizations, donation opportunities and support networks for families and friends of refugees and military personnel.

Netscape debuted its Site Central, a free service to enable registered users to create a Web site (http://home.netscape.com). Available are services to help users maintain and promote their sites as well as online tools will let them build a personal site within minutes. Available elements which users can include in their pages are free clip art and photos, sports scores and news headlines.

Time-Warner's pioneering Pathfinder site will be phased out over the next six months. But the move isn't because Pathfinder didn't offer popular material -- it's just that Web surfers preferred to go straight to its individual sites. A spokesman for Time said 98 percent of traffic to the company's Web sites didn't go through the nearly 5-year-old Pathfinder site, but rather to specific magazine sites.

Source: The Internet Daily Internet Industry News - http://www.tipworld.com


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