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The Top Net News in March 1999

Zapata Corp. said it wants Web site partners. The company announced it is interested in acquiring Web sites which reach at least 25,000 unique users a month. Site operators can apply to be included in the planned Zap.com network. The theme of the search for sites is "Your Web site May Be Worth Millions!!!." Zapata president Avram Glazer said details about the launch of the Zap.com network "are expected to be made available soon."

Web community GeoCities Inc. said it will give members access to video Webcasting at no charge, using technology developed by RealNetworks. Analysts see the move as an effort to cater to small businesses which could use Webcasts for promotion. GeoCities will offer users 30 days free Webcasting, but has not decided whether to charge after that.

A British market research firm projects the number of people using the Internet will double to 300 million by 2005. In the United States, Datamonitor PLC expects 95 million people will be online, Bloomberg news reported. One factor driving the growth will be the declining cost of access to Net services, as free access providers grow and computer makers bundle service with hardware. Use of audio and video, Net telephony, video conferencing and online music listening will also boost usage.

Yahoo! Entertainment, http://entertainment.yahoo.com, launched a single-source site for TV, movie and music news. The music area includes a database of 52,000 artists, 125,000 albums and a million songs. The TV section, developed in partnership with GIST TV, will include programming schedules and daily synopses of 11 daytime soap operas. Yahoo! Movies offers movie showtimes for more than 27,000 screens.

What do Disney, Mattel's Barbie, Time-Warner's CNN, Honda and Mercedes have in common? They topped the list of the 10 brands most commonly associated with pornography on the Internet, according to a new study released today by Cyveillance, a provider of online brand protection. These names appeared in hidden or visible text on "adult" sites and or hidden in HTML coding in 25 percent of the sites suspected of containing pornography -- presumably without the brand owners' knowledge. The 10 brands that topped the Cyveillance list were found in an average of 198 Web sites containing content considered pornographic by the company. "Companies that value their brands simply cannot afford this form of mistaken identity," Cyveillance president Christopher Young said.

Audiohighway.com said it will build a co-branded Internet store with barnesandnoble.com on its Web site. "we plan to build our position as a one-stop site for users to find audio-based news, information and entertainment content, as well as other products and services that may be of interest from the vendors we've partnered with," said Audiohighway president Nathan Schulhof.

A family-focused entertainment Web site in the United Kingdom has been opened by the Walt Disney Co. It's the first significant move by the company into the European Internet market, The Wall Street Journal reported. Buena Vista Internet Group executive Chafic Najia explained the company's delay saying the European Internet market was developing slowly, but now it is in a growth phase. Disney is expected to expand its Go Network to Europe also, the Journal said.

A flurry of related deals from business allies kept Microsoft company as the software giant ramped up its e- commerce strategy on Thursday. Microsoft is starting with its MSN.com Web site, sprucing it up with a shopping directory built with BizTalk, a new e-commerce framework. Microsoft bought CompareNet, an Internet comparison- shopping service and rolled out its new version of Microsoft Passport service for online consumers. Clarify said it's integrating its FrontOffice with Microsoft SiteServer 3.0 Commerce Edition. Other supporting players include eCharge, Oberon Software, Intell-A-Check, PeopleSoft, MasterCard, and Claris. Aimed at helping smaller companies open shop to cyberspace, the products are critical for Microsoft to extend its dominance of desktop computing in the e-commerce age.

Internet music provider songs.com and software developer MusicMatch announced at the New York Music and Internet Expo they'll offer a comprehensive online music service. The digital audio subscription service will offer 25 music tracks from as many as five artists for a monthly fee of $4.95. Tracks will be "bundled" into downloadable playlists in the MP3 format which can be downloaded over the Internet. The service will create files including lyrics, album notes, cover art, and Web site links. The service is expected to begin in the second quarter of this year.

Online corporate travel agency E-Travel Inc. was acquired by Oracle Corp. Terms of the purchase of the Concord, Ma.-based company were not disclosed. E-Travel's management team will be retained, Oracle said, and the firm will become a separate business unit. Oracle said that with the addition of E-Travel it is able to offer travel planning, travel reimbursement, information about destinations.

Amazon.com is ratcheting up the tensions with Wal-Mart Stores Inc., charging the nation's largest retailer in a countersuit with unfair competition and intentional interference in the online bookseller's business. Last October, Wal- Mart sued Amazon alleging the e-tailer improperly hired Wal-Mart employees to acquire proprietary knowledge about operations. Calling Wal-Mart's claims "without merit," Amazon said in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing that it "intends to vigorously defend against the plaintiffs' claims."

IDT Corp.'s Net2Phone service will be an included feature in a to-be-released version of Netscape Communications' Internet software suite, Communicator. Personal computer users will be able to make long- distance Net-based telephone calls, with IDT paying Netscape a up-front fee along with a share of revenues, the Wall Street Journal said.

The Web site properties of America Online, Yahoo! and Microsoft were the three most heavily-trafficked Internet sites in February, according to separate reports issued Monday by Media Metrix and Nielsen/NetRatings services.

E-commerce pioneer Dell Computer will launch an affiliate marketing program. LinkShare Corp. said it's been chosen by Dell to tap its more than 65,000 affiliate sites to establish links on their pages to Dell and broaden the PC maker's customer base.

An online version of Billboard magazine's Hot 100 songs will be accessible on the Internet through the launch of Billboard Radio on broadcast.com at http://www.billboardradio.com. The weekly five hour program will be written by Billboard columnist Fred Bronson, and hosted by Chuck Taylor, radio editor of Billboard. The shows will include a close-up look at the week's hottest songs on The Billboard Hot 100 and the No. 1 hits on other Billboard charts including the Hot R&B and Modern Rock lists. Liquid Audio, provider of Internet software and services for digital music distribution, will sponsor the show and provide listeners with access to music previews and album reviews for many of the charted artists.

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