The Internet, the Philippines and Internet in the Philippines

Top net news in May and June 2000

by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta

Company Offers Free Voicemail

EVoice (Menlo Park, Calif.) is offering consumers free access to voice telephone messages nationally. The advertising-supported service functions like a telephone voicemail service, but also offers other Internet-enabled services.

High-Tech CEO: Good Work If You Can Get It

A study by Forbes magazine shows that high-tech chief executives are among the biggest moneymakers in business.

Excite@Home Unveils Mobile Web Portal

Excite@Home, the Internet company best known for its broadband products, is preparing for a narrowband world, too.

HP Turns LaserJets Into Mail Centers

On Monday, Hewlett-Packard will release a device that gives customers using its LaserJet printers the ability to print, fold, seal, and stamp mail from their desktop, all without manual intervention.

Palm Pilot Makes Leap To Server

With a speed that can only make Microsoft shudder, the Palm Pilot is becoming a must-have business tool, and now it's found its way to the server.

Get Ready For The Geeks

First there was the Million Man March. Most recently there was the Million Mom March. Now some are getting ready for what might be called the Million Geek March.

InfoMove, InfoSpace Team For Wireless Service

InfoMove, a company that develops location-based Internet applications for automobile drivers and InfoSpace, a company that offers e-commerce infrastructure services for wireless devices, announced a partnership Tuesday.

FTC Threat To Regulate E-privacy Gets Real

A federal regulators' call last week to legislate Internet privacy protections re-opened a controversial issue that had been dormant for a year.

Talk Through, Not To, Your PC

If Intel has its way, Web surfers will spend more time talking via their computers than on the phone.

Net pioneer dead at 75

Data about me? It's personal, private -- and for sale

Small Businesses Dominate Domain Name Registrations

Small businesses dominated domain name registrations in the first quarter, Network Solutions Inc. said Thursday.

Intel Chairman Backs Internet Sales Taxes

Andrew Grove, chairman of Intel, on Tuesday broke with colleagues in the technology arena and told a congressional panel that sales taxes should be collected on Internet purchases.

Microsoft Fires Final Shot Before Ruling

Microsoft pooh-poohed the government's latest filing in its landmark antitrust case in a brief filed Tuesday afternoon, calling changes the government made Monday to last week's filing "cosmetic."

Virus Targets Cell Phone Users

Yet another e-mail virus is lurking out there, and this one apparently targets cell phone users.
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