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Wireless War Escalates With BellSouth/SBC Deal
Another day, another big wireless deal.

AOL Unleashes Netscape 6 Against IE
A day after Microsoft was found guilty of breaking antitrust laws to advance its position in the Web browser market, rival America Online announced a major upgrade of its Netscape browser.

CA Carves Out E-business Plan
Less than a week before Computer Associates kicks off its annual user conference, CA World, in New Orleans, the company's president and CEO, Charles Wang, said the company "plans on playing big" in the e-business market.

More Market Aftershocks Follow Microsoft Ruling
Tech stocks are still feeling the aftershocks of the April 17 antitrust ruling against Microsoft.

IBM Chases Start-Ups With Dot-Com Dozen
IBM Global Services is streamlining 12 of its services to focus on Internet start-ups, calling the offering the Dot-com Dozen, the company said Tuesday at the Spring Internet World 2000 show in Los Angeles.

Industry Fails To Capitalize On E-biz
While the e-business drum is thumping a quick beat, the rhythm of U.S. companies still seems a bit off.

Ticketmaster In Deal To Sell Tickets On Cell Phones
Ticketmaster Online and on Monday announced a deal intended to let consumers make purchases of tickets through a cellular telephone.

High Aspirations For Higher Ed Site
A group of institutions of higher learning on Monday announced a joint venture in online education. Columbia University, the London School of Economics, Cambridge University Press, the British Library, the Smithsonian, and the New York Public Library.

Credit Card Companies See Future Online
Charge card providers are homing in on the e-marketplace phenomenon.

Eisner: Net Content Doesn't Have to be free

ASPs Are Readied For Success
The U.S.-based applications service provider market is expected to explode in the next year, even as the current market faces significant hurdles, including infrastructure and security concerns and the adoption of broadband services.

MBA Candidates Embrace New Economy
While Wall Street may be shaking, students getting ready to enter the real world aren't pulling the plug on dot-com jobs and heading back to the old economy.

Dot-Com Advertising Rings Up .6B In 1999
Advertisers spent .6 billion on Internet advertising last year, double the amount spent in 1998, the Internet Advertising Bureau said.

Ballmer Pitches XML As Way To E-government
XML is the way to go when it comes to building interoperable applications, according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Netscape 6 -- Not Ready For Prime Time
America Online recently released a preview edition of Netscape 6. Preview 1 is not merely a typical whole-integer sort of upgrade that adds some new features, improves other features, and gets rid of some bugs.

BabyEyes Pampers Computer Users' Vision
BabyEyes, a Windows 95/98/2000 program, was launched Monday. Its goal is to make a computer display a bit easier on the eyes. Instead of having to squint at the address in a Web browser, BabyEyes makes it bold.

President Proposes Bridge Over Digital Divide President Clinton unveiled private and public programs Monday to bring the Internet to homes, schools, and communities bypassed by the high-tech boom in California and the Southwest.

AltaVista, PCSupport Will Co-Brand Portal
AltaVista and are developing online support for AltaVista users. Targets Passionate Consumers
At a time when business-to-consumer Web plays are under pressure, hopes to launch a content-and-commerce site aimed squarely at the consumer.

Site To Provide Free College-Level Courses, an education website that launched Monday, is offering free tuition -- up to -- in the courses it offers through the Internet. The offer starts April 17 and lasts until May 7.

Start-ups Hope To Be Touched By An Angel
Want to start a company? Go see an angel.

Microsoft Security Flaw Goes Beyond FrontPage
A security flaw first found in FrontPage 98 and server extensions to that package also exists in Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack, according to the CRN Test Center.

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