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in September, 1999

Adobe Systems launches a new version of its visual-effects tool After Effects. After Effects 4.1 expands creative control and adds media-exchange features. With After Effects 4.1, Adobe hopes to attract the people in broadcasting, those in independent production, Web media and graphic design, and people in corporate marketing.

American Express introduced a new credit card called Blue. It contains a smart chip to provide extra security measures for online transactions.

IBM introduced an improved version of ViaVoice, a speech recognition software that monitors accuracy when you're dictating and offers advice if the software is not recognizing words. IBM has also included voice-enabled Web browsing, e-mail, and chat in the release.

Walt Disney (DIS) announced that it will undertake an "expansive" advertising program to boost a new Web area for kids. will soon offer kids a place on the Internet designed especially for them. Dubbed as the Zeether, it was created to provide a unique entertainment environment just for kids. The area includes games and stories for children, as well a streaming audio feed of radio Disney.

Lycos announced the launch of a Web site targeted at kids, parents and teachers. Lycos Zone features Lycos the dog and his friends the Lycosians. Content comes from 16 sources. Lycos is dedicated to making the Web a family-friendly experience by providing tools, services and content that harness the power of the Internet in safe and constructive ways.

Visa U.S.A. has launched EVisa, an Internet unit based in California's Silicon Valley. Visa hopes being close to technology companies will accelerate the adoption of electronic commerce. Visa's Internet unit will have an advisory board of representatives from banks, Internet portals, and online merchants.

Almost 1,400 authors signed up to have their works distributed through's EMatter online distribution system. EMatter participants will receive up to 100 percent of the fees paid by users to download authors' material.


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