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AA move out, IA is here: Do you have the Internet Addiction syndrome?

I was thumbing through a back issue of Yahoo Internet Life magazine when this shorty article caught my eye (and a miracle it was that my eyes caught it, so small was the font used! Or maybe it's just me being myopic...hmm.)

It said that in 1996, Internet Addiction became an officially recognized syndrome. As more and more people get on the Internet, a vast number of them find it hard to get off. Because of this, the number of people whose lives were affected by the Internet addiction syndrome continues to increase at an alarming and noticeable pace. Netaholics found their careers and private lives suffering because of their cyber habits.

Reading on through the short article, there were several questions to help you determine whether or not you're a netaholic. A psychologist, Kimberly Young, from the University of Pittsburg posed these questions. Three or more "yes" answers mean you're hooked. Either start your personal rehabilitation or get professional help.
    Do you feel preoccupied with the Net and think about it while off-line?
    Do you feel a need to spend more and more time online to achieve satisfaction?
    Are you unable to control your online use?
    Do you feel restless or irritable when attempting to cut down or stop your online use?
    Do you go online to escape problems or relieve feelings such as helplessness, guilt,
    anxiety, or depression?
    Do you lie to family members or friends to conceal how often and how long you stay online?
    Do you risk the loss of a significant relationship, job, or educational or career opportunity
    because of your online use?
    Do you keep returning even after spending too much money on online fees?
    Do you go through withdrawal when off-line such as increased depression,
    moodiness, or irritability?
I answered the questions myself and wasn't surprised with the results. Knew it before I read the first question that I'm one of 'em...

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