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Portal Inc: Revolutionizing the face of Philippine ISPs

by Migs Paraz

Portal Inc: Revolutionizing the face of Philippine ISPs

In 1994, Binary Systems Holdings, Inc. Launched Portal Inc., the first commercial online service, and ISP in the Philippines. Within its initial operating stages, the company appropriated the first ever fully private Internet gateway in the country thereby revolutionizing the face of Internet service provision and earning the title of the nation's most pioneering ISP.

Being the only online service to actively develop and present the most comprehensive and dynamic local content, from Asia's first electronic newspaper (The Manila Times Online), down to a complete listing of business, leisure, information, and entertainment events; PC World Magazine, in their November 1996 issue dubbed Portal as the Number 1 Content provider in the country. After only two years since its incorporation, it was quoted that: "Portal is King, no one beats them at their game."

Portal has also been distinguished as the most innovative value-added service contributor having brought more "firsts" to the Philippine Internet industry that any other ISP. From the time that they launched the first E-mail-to-pager notification system in the country with Beeper 150, they have also achieved similar projects for Infopage, and Hutchison Paging as well as acting for several paging companies in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. Aside from these accomplishments, they have also successfully perfected the first Webpaging system in the country (also with beeper 150) and the first Multi-Listing system for real estate sales to be operated through the Internet with Century 21 Philippines.

Currently, one of Portal's most successful projects is the Philippine Stock Exchange Online. This site was developed and is being hosted by the Portal. It boasts of the WORLD's first ever real-time live Stock Market information tool in the form of the Dynamic Information System (DIS). Within a week of its soft launching during the Internet Expo Philippines '97, the site served more than a billion bytes and is currently enjoying over 1,500,000 visits per month. The site earned Portal a People's Choice Webby Award for Business.

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