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WEB Philippines: Window to Philippine-related info on the Net

This issue's IT Company Spotlight is focused on the WEB Philippines, Inc., an Internet Media Company that focuses on the development of Philippine-related content. At WEB Philippines, the Internet is envisioned as "a tool for information, education and business development." Committed to its task of harnessing the potential of the Internet to serve the needs of organizations and individuals, the company provides solutions that fit the needs of its clients.

WEB Philippines, Inc. has a multi-faceted range of services. It specializes in Internet media, business process review, Internet and Intranet strategic planning, Web page design and development, Internet advertising and promotion, Internet hosting and management, and Training.

Excerpts from the WEB Philippines' company brochure:

    Internet Media

    The Web sites of WEB Philippines open the gates to the vast information superhighway of career and business opportunities, info guide, research, education, entertainment, industry facts, news, tips and tutorials, and more -- your virtual one-stop shop for information on the Net.

    Visit these WEB sites and take advantage of the free information available:

    Business Process Review

    WEB Philippines investigates and understands the key business areas within a company that will be affected by the implementation of an Intranet, Internet and Extranet infrastructure.

    In any project, WEB Philippines stresses the importance of working with client counterparts in reviewing the business processes and procedures of their company. By understanding these processes WEB Philippines can recommend the best solution for the client.

    WEB Philippines sets the standards in the industry for seamless Internet and Intranet creation, hosting, management and maintenance.

    Internet/Intranet Strategic Planning

    WEB Philippines helps harness the full power of the Internet to maximize productivity.

    By working with the client early in the strategic planning, WEB Philippines will be able to design an Internet/Intranet blueprint for its client. This blueprint will contain the strategies that will enable the client organization build its business in the electronic marketplace.

    Web Page Design and Development

    WEB Philippines creates the pages that speak to your audience's level. From the text to the visual, we build up your message according to your audience's taste and interest, while adhering to our precise standard of visual, text and navigating appeal.

    Internet Advertising and Promotion

    WEB Philippines taps the full potential of the Internet as an effective and powerful advertising medium. Already, the Internet is reaching a growing market segment that is embracing new technologies and wants convenience.

    The Internet possesses features and capabilities that you can take full advantage of to capture your market and build long-term customer relations. Aside from your audience benefiting out of the information through your Web site or Web page ad, you can tap the interactive chat fora, virtual "malls" where you can showcase all your lines, mailto tags and forms where you can accept, fill orders and finalize transactions online and gather consumer info -- all at faster speed and convenience. With the Internet, you'll understand your customers' needs and preferences better. You can come closer to delivering total cutomer satisfaction. As the potentials are unlimited, so are the benefits.

    Internet Hosting and Internet Management

    WEB Philippines is the leading Philippine Internet Media Company. We plan, design, develop, manage and promote Internet Web sites that will directly benefit your organization. We can host your Web site in our powerful servers that wil deliver information to visitors 24 hours a day.

    We have built a solid Internet infrastructure both here in the country and in the US. Currently, this infrastructure hosts about 50 Web sites that server more than 10,000 people everyday. We are continuously monitoring the servers to ensure that it meets the baseline requirements of our visitors and clients. During the past two years, we have continuously upgraded this infrastructure to meet the growing demand. By hosting your Web site with us, you not only take advantage of this infrastructure but also benefit from the popularity of the other Web site.

    To know more about our Internet Hosting packages, visit us at or send us an email at


    WEB Philippine conducts seminars and workshops about the Internet and the various technologies involved in it. We have launched different education and training initiatives and have lectured in numerous computer and Internet-related conferences and expositions.

    WEB Philippines provides in-depth workships in the use and maintenance of the technology. Be it a major project or a small undertaking, we will be there with you every step of the way.

    WEB Philippines' aim in harnessing the technology of the Internet to serve the people does not stop with the development of its own Web sites. We educate specialized groups on how to use this technology to enhance their professions and to create for them larger markets for their businesses. We show participants how they can take advantage of the power of the Internet.

    I-AD focuses on the new global trend which is Internet advertising. Participants are enlightened on the latest development and trends in Internet advertising.

    Human resource practitioners learn how to use this new medium to recruit and to further their own knowledge on their chosen field of expertise.

    To know more about WEB Philippines' sites and services, you can visit or or you can send email to or You can also call them through these numbers in Metro Manila: (02) 414 3595; 414 3596; and 415 9249.


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