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All about Internet in the Philippines
      Issue No. 7 April 1999     


party, Party, PARTY!

Cyberflips Yo!
It was party, Party, PARTY time last March 29, at the Watering Hole in Shangrila Plaza, where the first anniversary of Philippine Internet was celebrated.
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The Cyber ballot awards were naturally the highlight of the night, honoring the people behind the phenomenal growth of the Internet in the Philippines. ( Naturally, they were mostly people who were earlier featured in WIRED! Philippines)

It was also a night for nostalgia, and people were reminiscing about the early days of the Internet. ( Andy Liao writes about Remembering the Days of Philippine cyberspace before the Internet. )

Here are the results of this year's cyber ballot awards:

    Grandfather of the Philippine Internet Dr. William Torres
    Father of Philippine Internet Dr. Rodolfo Villarica
    Son of Philippine Internet Richard Lozada
    Kuya of Philippine Internet Benjamin Tan
    Uncle of Philippine Internet Glenn Sipin
    Rocket Scientist Award Kelsey Hartigan-Go
    Ninong of Philippine Internet Dr. William Padolina
    Pioneer of Philippine Internet PHnet Foundation
    Industrial Research Foundation
    Department of Science and Technology
    Comnet and Mosaic Communications
    Fathers of Philippine E-Mail Joel Emmanuel Disini
    Roberto Verzola
    Far East Broadcasting Network
    Mustard Seed Awards Fidonet Philippines
    Po-Litzer Award WS Computer Publishing Corporation
    Forrest Gump Award Jim Ayson
    Consumer Advocacy Award Emmanuel Amador
    Father of Philippine Cyberspace Cong. Leandro Verceles
    PLDT.COM Award Bill Torres
    Persons of the Year Jim Ayson and Manny Amador
    Most Interesting / Intriguing Person Jerome Tan (winner by a landslide)
    Techie of the Year Miguel Paraz
    Company of the Year IPhil Communications
    Organization of the Year Philippine League for Democratic Telecommunications, Inc.
    Virtual Community of the Year
    Discussion Groups
    Circus the Eraserheads mailing list
    Virtual Community of the Year
    #Pag-ibig (Dalnet)

  Ten years of Philippine Cyberspace

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