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      Issue No. 4 January 1999

The Philippine's First E-Commerce Website for 1999

The days of scouring the nooks and crannies of the Internet to find Philippine-made products are over. brings together Philippine products in one specialized website. The site boasts of an extensive listing of products that bear this message:

    We are Philippine-made and proud of it!

Pidro shirts are proudly TatakPilipino! Now, anybody can instantly have access to the extensive title catalogs of Anvil, of U.P. Press and access to the Sony Music Philippine's music CD list. Even access to the latest shirt designs from Pidro.'s product catalog is dynamic. New products are being added as more local companies are signed up.

Search it! has an interactive site-wide search engine that makes browsing through the ever-growing product list a lot easier and a lot more fun. Do you want a list of CDs containing songs with the word 'Taksil' in its title? Or a list of books that discuss the local gay culture? Or perhaps books by popular-historian Ambeth Ocampo?

Just type the key words and search fills up your screen with the correct URLs pointing to the pages containing the key words your searched for.

    This feature is particularly useful when looking for CDs containing specific songs.
    -- The WIRED! Ed.

A credit card purchase option that actually works!

The really cool thing is that's credit card purchase option actually works! Now, Filipinos anywhere else in the world can order local products in the comfort of their home, and have the products delivered to any point in the civilized world(no, they don't deliver to Antarctica). Orders may be delivered door-to-door thru the services of world-class courier companies like DHL and FedEx.

Safe, secure e-shopping!

The shopping cart interface is in a secure server digitally certified by Verisign. Its Cybercash interface is said to ensure that all credit card transactions are 100% safe and secure. The site claims it is powered by an IBM RS/6000 running the Lotus Domino Go Webserver.

Trivia lovers of the World, Unite!

The site has lots of interesting information for the trivia-lover. Would you like to know more about how Sharon Cuneta rose to stardom with her Mr. DJ album? Or about internationally-acclaimed Pinoy cartoonist Whilce Portacio? has trivia scattered all throughout, making exploration of the site a cultural adventure. promises to add continuously to its cultural library of interesting Filipiniana. It is definitely one of the sites to watch for 1999. is a lot more than a webstore; it is a tribute to Pilipino culture. A true Filipino store in cyberspace.

Check it out at

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