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      Issue No. 3 December 1998     
Wired! Philippines

Christmas comes only once a year. This year, Christmas also comes to WIRED! Philippines.

As you well know, this is our e-zine's first Christmas issue and we, the editors and writers of your e-zine, strive to bring to you light reads and entertaining articles that are sure to put you into the perfect Christmas mood.

Wherever in the world you are, you have come to the right corner in cyberspace this Christmas. From Santa stories and sightings to cooking tips to hunting down free online cards for the holidays, WIRED! Philippines, your e-zine, has it.

Christmas is synonymous to a lot of things: joy, peace, goodwill, rebirth. Most importantly, Christmas is synonymous to Jesus. For there wouldn't be any Christmas without the celebrator. And Jesus, as the world and heaven know, is THE reason for Christmas. With his birth he brings salvation.

We -- Boss Bobet (our amazing web master and local censor), our past and present writers and contributors (Commissioner Mitra, Marife, Joy, Maricel, Arjay, Noel, Gary, Ching, and Rey), and I -- all hope that each one of us experience that special and extraordinary joy that only the miracle of Jesus' birth could bring.

Experiencing that this Christmas is one thing. But retaining that feeling all throughout the next twelve months of our lives, and thereafter, would truly be the real miracle. Not only then would Christmas come only once every year. It would be Christmas everyday. A whole year of love, joy, and peace. A world where Christmas and all the good things it brings would reign eternal.

Have a blessed and joyful Christmas.

The staff of WIRED! Philippines.

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