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A Writer's Insight: Opportunities For Writers On The Internet

by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta

I say that I never feel more of a writer than right now. In the last two months, my articles have been published in over 30 ezines and websites. Most of these publications are based in the US.

I have written my first e-book which is now being sold at three of the most well-known and reliable e-book sellers on the Internet today: BookLocker, Word Wrangler and Atlantic Bridge Publishing. They are all based in the US and yes, they accept works from independent (self-published) authors like me who comes from another country.

I had one of my poems published in a US Christian magazine. I was paid $40 for that. And just recently, Blue Mountain Arts (yes, that web site which provides those free virtual e-cards) sent me a contract for a short poem I submitted to them last February. I was paid a handsome $200 for a 10-liner of a poem.

I came across and I signed up. It's one of those sites that lets you self-publish any of your works and you get paid per page view. Then just this week, I got an acceptance from to be an editor and write 75-word web site reviews. Each review gets me $5. Not bad, considering I spend a large amount of my time on the Internet anyway.

For writers, publishing oppportunities on the Internet is limitless. I have my experience as proof of that. I live in the Philippines and yet I have had more publishing credit in other countries than in my own. (And I know a couple more other writers who are doing the same thing as I am doing.)

E-publishing is truly a global revolution that where I'm writing from does not matter anymore. Of course, I'm still aiming to be published on print here in the Philippines, but the Internet just opens up this world of global publishing opportunities. What's more exciting is that everything can be done using email. I don't need to spend money on postage stamps since majority of the publication opportunities on the Internet today prefer email communication; and I don't need to repeat that it doesn't matter where in the world you're at. Most of these writing jobs are telecommuting jobs, done in the comforts of your home, at your own pace, on your own time.

If you have an interest in writing and you spend a lot of time on the Internet, why not try your hand at writing and actually earning something? Here are some links to help you get started:

* - If you are an expert on a certain area of knowledge, sign up as an author. Topics are Architecture, Marketing, Business, Poetry, Graphic Design and Music. Currently, there are 1,700 topic areas you can write about. Themestream is at its preview state and each page view of your article earns you $0.10.

* - This site is similar to Themestream. If you're an author at Themestream, you can also put your articles there in this site. They don't ask for exclusive electronic rights. You keep all your rights. Unlike Themestream though, you're paid a percentage of banner clicks on your article page.

* - Write short web site reviews on areas that interest you and you'll be paid $5 per published review. They mail out checks worldwide every month. If you're accepted as an editor, then you have to submit 1-3 reviews of web sites in your category every week. So in a month, you can have a potential side-income of $60.

* Suite 101 - Apply as a Contributing Editor in your subject area. Depending on how often you want to write for Suite 101, you'll be paid on a quarterly basis. If you decide to write weekly, you'll be paid $25; every other week, $15; and an article a month will earn you $10.

* Hotrate - You can apply as an editor or reviewer here. All you have to do is give one-sentence opinions about web sites that are currently in Hotrate's archives.

* - In this site, you become a "guide." But you'll have to undergo a one month "trial" before you're accepted.

* - Self-syndication will help you get noticed on your field. iSyndicate sends out feeds and catalogues to its clients. If a client likes your product, you can earn well from it. You can either sell your articles, illustrations and cartoon.

* Telecommuting Jobs - This is where I usually look for telecommuting writing jobs. Most employers in need of writers, editors and proofreaders don't care where you live, as long as your qualifications fit their job needs. Jobs here usually last several weeks and you are treated as an independent contractor.

Good luck on your writing!

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