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All about Internet in the Philippines
      Issue No. 12 October 1999     


WIRED! Philippines
turns ONE!

by S

We're one year old this October! We here at W!P thank all of you, our subscribers, who have stuck it out with us since the beginning of W!P. We are indebted to you. W!P would not have gone on to it's twelfth issue if not for all of you who eagerly await each issue every month.

Granted, a couple issues might've been sent out late. But in every one of those issues, we strived to bring you articles that helped you or taught you something; and even amused you.

It's also always uplifting to receive positive feedbacks. It just goes to show that we are getting noticed in our own small way. We thank all of you who spent time writing to us and telling us what your thoughts were about W!P after reading an article featured in one of its issues. And it always helped that those of you who gave feedbacks went on to contribute an article or two in later issues.

We also thank those who have forwarded issues of the newsletter to friends. We may not have that big a subscriber base yet, but W!P does get around -- not just here in the Philippines, but to other countries as well. As what one of our readers who lives in Australia wrote just recently, he found out all about W!P from a friend who works in Silicon Valley!

Some of you might remember the first editorial I wrote for W!P in October 1998. One of the reasons I started W!P is my need/want to write. And do I still need to state my other reason of wanting to have free access on the net? <G>

Another reason, borne of selfishness actually <G>, is my need to call something my own: something I can say, "Hey, this is my baby!" A year later, W!P is still something I can call mine. But it is not purely mine anymore. W!P is owned by anyone who wants to be a part of the W!P community.

Clearly, in every issue of W!P that came out in the past twelve consecutive months, we had you in mind. We hope that you will continue to follow each issue of W!P. After all, this online publication is yours!



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