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All about Internet in the Philippines
      Issue No. 11 September 1999     


PLDT Withdraws Application for TRO against PLDT.com
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RealPinoy Launches RPMail.com

Diamond Bar, CA September 7, 1999 - RP Interactive unveils RPMail.com, a world-class free email service for the Philippine online community.

RPMail (http://www.rpmail.com) aims to promote awareness and pride in the Filipino culture by becoming the first service to offer free customizable email accounts with an option of multiple Filipino- oriented domain names. With choices like RPMail.com, TruePinoy.com, TruePinay.com, FilipinoTeen.com, TheBarkada.com, ProudFilipino.com, GlobalFilipino.com, ManilaBoy.com, ManilaGirl.com, and CyberPinoys.com, the service will definitely appeal to proud Filipinos worldwide.

The site offers permanent, customized email addresses which includes all the features that come with the most popular commercial email services such as an integrated address book, POP access, multiple folders, the ability to send and receive attachments, and built-in filters. And since the service is a web-based application, users can check their mail at any time, from any computer with an internet connection.

Through its membership in the RealPinoy Network, RPMail also offers customized Philippine-related content such as news, chat, mailing lists, bulletin boards and a built-in search engine.

RPMail.com was created through a partnership between industry leaders RP Interactive and Chek, Inc.

Based in California, RP Interactive is the company behind the premier Filipino-oriented portal, RealPinoy (http://www.realpinoy.com) and its network of sites, which includes the search engine, RPLink.com (http://www.rplink.com).

Chek (www.chek.com) is a market leader in providing its private-labeled E-mail solution for consumer brands and an emerging leader in providing its e-communication solution for businesses (www.bizchek.com). Incorporated in January 1998, Chek has developed E-mail solutions for a number of the world's most prominent brands, media companies and businesses. They include Peterson Publishing, Anheuser-Busch's Budweiser, Professional Golf Association, the NFL's Buffalo Bills, MLB's Houston Astros, the NHL's Buffalo Sabres, the National Lacrosse League, Landmark Communications, Rodale Press, Media General and Granite Broadcasting.

Contact Information:

RP Interactive
Michael Andrew Modesto
PO Box 4793
Diamond Bar, CA 91765


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