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MosCom Internet deploys an all-in-one ISDN dial-up service

"Contrary to certain advertised claims that have appeared in the papers, MosCom Internet is actually the first ISP in the country to deploy a complete ISDN dial-up service."

This was the announcement made by Dr. Willy Gan, MosCom's chairman and chief executive officer at the joint launch seminar of an advanced ISDN-capable router by MosCom Internet and Virtual Access Ltd. at the New World Hotel in Makati City.

The launch was the first ever participated by a router manufacturer, a network systems integrator, a major internet service provider, and a telecommunications carrier. It is the first time that all the systems needed by a subscriber to acquire an ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) high-speed connection have been gathered together into one package.

Midway between the analog dial-up and leased lines, "ISDN is a high-speed service that is economically placed between a dedicated dial-up account and a permanent leased line," says Dr. Gan. Corporate customers who need Internet access speed faster than the 33.6 or 56 Kbps normally alotted for dedicated dial-up connections can move up gracefully to a 64 or 128 Kbps ISDN connection before acquiring a permanent 64 Kbps leased-line.

"With our combined services, MosCom and Globe can provide inexpensive, quick, reliable ISDN services anywhere that a client can get a Globe digital phone connection," he emphasized.

The rates for MosCom's ISDN-based Internet services were also announced, in addition to whatever Globelines ISDN will charge for the ISDN connection.

ISDN is a global-standard, all-digital telecommunications technology that can simultaneously transmit voice and data over the same pair of copper telephone wires. An ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) connection has a 16 Kbps Data-channel for control signals, and two 64 Kbps Bearer-channels to carry voice and/or data transmissions. This high-speed improvement over the standard 33.6 Kbps analog modems also provide erroe-free digitized multimedia signals for video and Internet applications, aside from voice. Both Globe and MosCom charge only for transmission of data over ISDN while voice transmission is free.

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