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Save Those Pages!

By Aileen Suquila-Santos <>

Did you know you could actually save all that precious net-formation on a disk? If you didn't, well, now you know.

The next time you go out and rent some net access, bring along a virus-free diskette and follow these simple steps to storage:


The trick here is to open a word or text document (saved into Drive A, of course), and to leave it open (but minimized) while you browse.

Then, whenever you find an article worth saving, just highlight all the words from the webpage (drag your mouse, or press Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow), and copy the text into your ready-and-waiting document.

...And don't forget to save!


If you see a graphic you'd like to keep, just position your arrow over the picture and right-click on the mouse button. Choose "Save Image As..." and specify the exact drive/directory you want to save it in.

Graphics usually come in .gif and .jpeg formats.

To view them on your PC at home, open a blank Microsoft Word document, click on the Edit menu, and Insert the graphic as a Picture.

However, this only works for Windows 97 versions and higher. If you don't have that in your home PC, just print out the graphic directly while you're online.


All text and graphics on the net are protected by copyright laws.

So unless something (say, a cartoon) is specifically labeled as "free," just keep your net finds to yourself and avoid forwarding them to your friends as attachments.

A much better strategy is to copy the website's URL in full ( and paste it into the body of an e-mail message.

When your friends receive your e-mail, the URL will appear as a link they can easily click on to get to the page you want them to visit.


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