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All wired up for love: Careful you don't give yourself a heartburn

By smbeamabelle@msc.net.ph

It's the month of February so don't be surprised if you see heart decorations and a dozen or so cupids hanging around the malls. Don't be surprised too if people suddenly all get sappy and start sighing for no reason at all. For the all the romantic-at-heart, there's nothing like expressing love through flowers, roses and chocolates on Valentine's day. Yeah, Feb 14 is when the Romeos and Valentinos all come out from their hiding place and try to make all the girls' hearts a-pumping. Bristo's Free Online Cards

The slick flip guy does it with a single red rose and heart-shaped chocolates. Doesn't help though when the flower shops take advantage of them and hike up the price of roses. But while roses are most popular on Valentine's day, you can also express love through other flowers. Flowers have meanings and they have their own language. So besides the rose, feelings are also held within a number of other flowers. And if you wanna be hip this Valentine's day, you can send flowers through the net.

There are a lot of sites in cyberspace that offer blooms: from red roses to orchids to mixed bouquets. Philipp's Free Virtual Flowers Siteis a good place to start. Then there's iFlowers and Virtual Flowers.

Or if you want to give more than the flowers, you can try Virtual Presents, a non-floral virtual gift shop. Here you can choose whether to give the love of your life a cyber diamond ring, sort of like a warm up proposal. Or if you're feeling gallant, you can order your loved one a Porsche. You can also buy him or her a new pet. Take your pick among a buffalo, a rhino, a donkey or a flamingo.

For the girls, you know what they say about men -- the fastest way to their hearts is through their stomachs. You can find your way around your cyberlove's heart through virtual food. You can build your man a cyber ice cream sundae complete with your choice of flavors and toppings at the Virtual Dessert. You can also order pizza from OA Soft Virtual Pizza Delivery and have some wine from the Virtual Wine to go with it. Or you can opt to send a Candy-gram by picking out your own message and have that go along with the little heart-shapes candies.

Of course, everything wouldn't be complete without a virtual card to go along with the rose or the chocolates or the pizza. You'll find a list of sites that would let you send virtual greeting cards for free at the bottom of this page. Among these is the Be Mine Greeting, a site that offers a very cool and romantic assortment of love-themed electronic cards. There's also Electronic Greetings, a site that features romantic image postcards. The Internet Card Central is also a good place for you to hunt down for the perfect virtual card.

Cyrano is here to write your love letters! Want to tell someone how you feel?
If you want to impress your girl (or man) with poetry but there isn't a poetic bone in your body, well, you can fake it. It's the thought that counts anyway. Enters Cyrano. He'll help you write your message for you. He'll ask you a couple of questions like "What's your beloved's favorite food?" or "What's an adjective to describe your relationship?" You'll have a choice of having Cyrano compose either an intellectual, steamy, desperate, or surreal letter for you.

Whether or not you met your love on the Internet, there're a lot of ways you can let your special someone know how you feel. All online, of course. You can stuff their e-mail boxes with cards and virtual presents. All you need to do is get yourself to these sites and you're all ready to go make Valentine's day special between you and your loved one.

Blue Mountain Arts
ArkWorld Electronic Greetings
The Hallmark Shop
The Main Quad Flash Cards
AdOnWebTM EnviroCards
Poster Depot
Bristo's Free Online Greeting Cards
Greetings Cards from Hypermart.Net/

Cards Online Malaysia
1001 Postcards
EarthLink's Send-A-Greeting
Oneline Greeting Cards @ marketsuite.com
Greetings Online from Xoom
Free Online Cards
Virtual Flowers



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