Your Guide to Geek Speak Internet, Philippines and Internet in the Philippines

by JoyArrieta


[Tired of getting on the Net day after day, encountering hifalutin' Net words and not understanding just what they mean? Every month, you will be seeing here Internet terms and languages that you might find useful in your everyday trek in cyberspace and which will probably make a net geek out of you *G*.]


Orphan Annie

A Web page that hasn't been updated and looks like it was already abandoned by it's owner.


Abbreviation for "What You See Is What You Get", mostly pertaining to browsers and HTML programs.




Stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, an extension to Internet email which allows the transfer of graphics, video and audio files through email.


If you're familiar with IRC or the Internet Relay Chat, then you've encountered the Packet Internet Groper or PING in simple terms. It's a program which tests how long it would take for you to send and receive messages




This refers to a critical or inflammatory statement in an electronic discussion.


This program will give you information about a particular user on a host computer. Finger displays the user's full name and most recent login time, as well as other general information.




Multi-User Dungeon, a category of popular adventure or role-playing games or simulations played over the Internet.


This is the American Standard Code for Information Interchange, the standard coding for characters widely used in the computer industry. It typically refers to numbers, letters and punctuation that has not been formatted by a word processing or other programs.




A T1 line is a high-speed phone line that combines the equivalent of 24 digital phone connections into one line, usually at a price lower then the cost of operating the same number of lines separately.


A T3 line is a very high-speed, fiber-optic telephone line that is equivalent to about 30 T1 lines. T3 lines can also handle full-motion video without compression.


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