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February 2000 Geek Speak

By Joy Arrieta<>

Landscape Mode
Most pages are rectangles, not squares. You can view or print them with the short sides at top and bottom--called Portrait mode--or with the short sides on the right and left--called Landscape mode.
There are millions of web pages out there. How many of them mention your name? You do an egosurf to find that out.

Mail Exploder
This is a program that forwards an e-mail to many addresses. This is sometimes the action of a virus that digs out a mailing list and sends unauthorized copies of itself to the addresses on that list. It can also be an authorized action to broadcast an authorized message to many recipients.

Odd Header
A header is the text, page number, date and other information printed in a special zone at the top of a page. An Odd Header appears only on odd-numbered pages.

Screen shot
It is the image of what appears on the screen. Most computers have a way to send a basic screen shot directly to a disk file or to a printer. Some specialized graphics programs let you choose just which part of the screen to shoot.

It's a Java program that can run outside of a browser and remain on a computer even after it has run.

Stands for Secure Password Authentication. It is a more secure way of signing on to an e-mail account. SPA forces your computer to assure the main e-mail server computer that you truly are who you say you are so that others can't pose as you to send and receive your e-mail or intercept your password.

It's a popular Web server program which was created by a volunteer team of professionals and amateurs. It was originally a "collection of software 'patches,'" hence the name.

It's one of the international Internet Relay Chat (IRC) networks. When you get an IRC program and want to chat with other IRC users, Undernet is one of the networks that helps you find and link to them.
Arrangement of multiple windows on your screan in such a way that they all have the same general size and shapes but are overlapping, each title bar showing.

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