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Stop licking those postage stamps!

By Joy Arrieta


When the month of November came, you began counting the people you're going to send Christmas cards. It's December now and still you haven't gone to buy the cards. And the holidays mean spending more money. You still have to buy gifts for your mom or your dad or your sister or brother or for your closest friends. At the rate you're going, you'll be running short of cash. If you buy the cards now, it's already way late into the month.

Snail mail those and your friends will get it in January, long past the Christmas season. Add to that, imagine the licking your tongue will have to endure when you put those stamps :o).

The Net offers you a way to prevent that kind of hassle. A lot of sites out there offer virtual greeting cards, your friends will get it right on time with Christmas. You can send customized cards. They're free, they're fast and they beat the heck out of stamp-licking!

Electronic Greetings from Hallmark
Electronic Greetings from Hallmark Electronic Greetings from Hallmark

The Hallmark Shop
The Main Quad Flash Cards
ArkWorld Electronic Greetings
AdOnWebTM EnviroCards
Poster Depot
Bristo's Free Online Greeting Cards
Greetings Cards from Hypermart.Net/

Cards Online Malaysia
1001 Postcards
EarthLink's Send-A-Greeting
Oneline Greeting Cards @
Greetings Online from Xoom
Free Online Cards
Blue Mountain Arts
Virtual Flowers

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