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Flip IRC Lingos

By smbea (mabelle@msc.net.ph)

There's no question at all that Filipinos are among the dominant people on IRC. Almost all IRC networks and servers have Filipino channels. Highly probable too for someone to log on IRC in an ungodly hour and still be able to bump with a fellow Flip.

Like what a foreigner said to me sometime ago when he discovered that I was the eleventh Filipino he'd met within the hour, "You Filipinos are all over IRC!"

And given the Filipino' penchant or innate character to Filipinize some things, IRC was not spared. LOL, which means "laughing out loud", now has a Filipino version: GSSSK -- "gumugulong sa sahig sa katatawa" -- or TNT -- "tawa ng tawa"; and FYI (for your information) is now PSIK -- "para sa iyong kaalaman" -- in the Flip chatrooms.

It might just be the cyberflip's sense of patriotism, nationalism, and Filipinism run amok on cyberspace but the list of Filipinized and Pinoy original IRC abbreviations and lingos is growing and being used more and more.

If you're a true-blue Pinoy chat addict, chances are, you've used most of the terms in the list at one point or another in your cyber existence.
ABY Ano Ba Yan?!
ANNBY Ano Na Naman Ba Yan?
ANUY Ano Nga Ulit Yon?
ATM Ano Telepono Mo?
BAAL Basta Atin-Atin Lang
EKSY Ewan Ko Sa 'Yo
GMA Gusto Mo Ako?
GSSSK Gumugulong Sa Sahig Sa Katatawa
HAT Hindi Ako Natatawa!
IMA Ibahin Mo Ako
IMLB Iklian Mo Lang, Bobo!
KMU Kapal Mo, Uy!
INA Inaantok Na Ako
KKK Kilalang Kilala Kita
MANA May Asawa Na Ako!
ONP Oo Nga Pala
OKL Okay Ka Lang?
PNP Pahingi Ng Picture
POLY Pero Okay Lang Yon
PSIK Para Sa Iyong Kaalaman
SIL Siyempre Ikaw Lang
SNN Sige Na Naman
TNT Tawa Ng Tawa



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