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Wired! Philippines Fun with E-Mail
by smbea < mabelle@msc.net.ph >

A Little Fun With E-Mail

Who says you can't have any fun using e-mail? More than just a means of sending a note to someone you've met on the internet, e-mail has several useful and fun uses for you. You can do your searching by e-mail. You can have pizza delivered to you on your mailbox. You can play games through e-mail. You can ftp via e-mail. You can even have Shakespeare insult you. All these by just using your e-mail.

Here're some samples:

Get insulted by Shakespeare.

Send e-mail to: agora@dna.affrc.go.jp and put "SEND http://www.nova.edu/Inter-Links/cgi-bin/bard.pl" in the BODY

What's in your name?

Send e-mail to agora@dna.affrc.go.jp and put
SEND http://www.kabalarians.com/male/<name>.htm"
(if you're male) or
"SEND http://www.kabalarians.com/female/<name>.htm"
(if you're a female).

Order a Cyber-Pizza!

Send empty messages to

Aesop's Fables

Send a message to bitftp@pucc.princeton.edu and put in the BODY of the message:

    open ftp.cdrom.com
    cd /pub/simtelnet/msdos/educate
    get fables.zip

You will receive a 136Kb zipped file of a free program that will give you over 300 Aesop's fables.


Send your earth-shattering questions to ask-a-geologist@octopus.wr.usgs.gov

WWW Search by E-mail

Now you can search the web without having to open up your browser. To access search engines by e-mail, send a message to getweb@unganisha.idrc.ca with a line like this in the message body:

    search <engine> <keywords>

    Replace "engine" with Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, or any other search engine and substitute your search parameters to "keywords".


For more fun stuff on how you can use your e-mail, you can send mail to: agora@dna.affrc.go.jp with ONE of these lines in the body of the message:


send http://members.aol.com/bombagirl/freeware/email4u.txt



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