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Every month, WIRED! Philippines will feature a list of e-mail discussion groups you might find interesting to join. A brief description of the mailing list will be provided for you. If you know of a mailing list discussion group that you think will interest our readers, please provide us a brief description of what the group is all about and where to subscribe. Send your email to with E-LIST on the subject of your email. Thanks!


For the first outing of this new section of WIRED! Philippines, we have gathered for you mailing lists maintained and joined in by Filipinos.

Number one on WIRED! Philippines' list is Jim Ayson's Philippine Cyberspace Review. Jim's list is now becoming the most popular cyberforum for Filipinos on the Internet. People wanting to discuss anything related to Internet in the Philippines as well as technology-related stuff are here. The hottest discussion so far in this list is PLDT's metering scheme. Interested? Send a blank email to
Some mailing lists:

Another list is the Linux99, a mailing list for the discussion on the Linux Conference 1999. Most people on this list are programmers, some are interested in learning linux, and mostly are linux users. To join this mailing list, send an email to with subscribe linux99 in the body of the message.

The succeeding mailing lists are from ONELIST and you can subscribe to these by going to and signing up to the mailing list that interests you:

Filipino-Yuppies is a list for Filipino professionals, not just in the Philippines but anywhere else in the world. The list owners hope that the list will be a forum for sharing experiences, tips, dreams, accomplishments, or advise from fellow Filipinos.

Mag-Anak is a private mailing list for the discussion of Filipino and non-Filipino relationships. Members advise each other on adjustments to Filipino and non-Filipino culture, immigration procedures, and other issues of interest in these relationships. Ladies desiring to be on the ladies-only companion list, Kumare, should address requests to: For more information, go visit

Philippines is a moderated discussion list of Travel News Philippines on travel, tourism, hospitality, art and culture. Through the list, you can get the latest news and information about the Philippine travel and tourism industry from the list's competent team of journalists, photographers, and writers. Get all your Philippines-related questions answered through this list. Get hotel, restaurant, resort, airlines, culture and art news, promos, information! For more information, you can visit

Zamboanga a list is for positive communication in the way of questions and answers in relation to the list owner's home town Zamboanga City. The list discusses topics which are considered relevant and news to share with Zamboanguenos around the world. For more information, you can come visit

ChannelWorld is a mailing list is exclusive to Philippine IT distributors, dealers, value-added resellers, systems integrators, and IS service providers. It is designed to enable this community to exchange relevant information and views related to or affecting their business. Upon proper verification, postings to this list may be used for publication in ChannelWorld Philippines.

Actuary is the official mailing list of the Actuarial Society of the Philippines.

Alpha_phi_beta is the mailing list of Alpha Phi Betans. All things about Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity of the University of the Philippines in Diliman are talked about here. For more information, point your browser to

ClubSanNarciso is The Club San Narciso, an unmoderated discussion group which was created to bond together all those who trace their roots to San Narciso, Zambales, Philippines. The Club San Narciso aims in uniting all citizens of San Narciso and communicate with each other through the exchange of information and discussions concerning matters of interest to the members and the San Narcisocommunity. If your roots are from San Narciso, Zambales, you are cordially invited to join us. If you are interested, please e-mail Freudian Fernandez at with your barrio, current location and e-mail address.

Crosscom is the moderated mailing list of Crosscom, a non-government organization that works primarily in the towns of Navotas and Malabon in Metro Manila, Philippines. Its main aim is to provide communication assistance to the local communities in time of disasters. Through this mailing list, members will be informed of our present activities and plans . To non-members who are interested in joining this club and those who are in itself has the same organizational format are most welcome to join in the exchange of information. Crosscom's members are mostly composed of amateur radio stations. For more information, you can check out

CXm is clubXmanila's mailing list for all the X- Philes who live in the Philippines. People here mostly talk about the hit TV show, The X-Files.

Filipino is an email pal mailing list for Filipinos and people of other nationality. Even if you're not from the Philippines, or if you're not Filipino, you're very much welcome here.

Greenmail is a mailing list for all University of the Philippines Green League Inc. alumni and members and for anyone interested in the environment. All kinds of green league-related and environmentally-related mails are very much welcome. Please remember though, that this is not an official GLI mailing list, but one owned and maintained by a member. For more information, go to

Manila is a mailing list all about MANILA, the capital city of the Philippines! If you want to meet friends from Manila, or just know more about this fabulous city, then this mailing list is for you. This mailing list is also about the Philippines. If you want to have friends, or if you're planning on going here, then this list is for you.

Mindanaw is a mailing list for discussions about Mindanaw, Philippines and its people (Moro, Christian settlers, Lumads), their economic plight, arts and culture, problems, land and ecology, Muslim-Christian relations, self-determination and other issues affecting the community. This mailing list is also for discussions on everything concerning indigenous life anywhere in the Philippines. The name Mindanaw was used because to a lot of Filipinos, it symbolizes uncolonized Philippines.

Palawan is the mailing list of the Philippine's "last frontier." General information about PALAWAN, Puerto Princesa City, Philippines is available her as well as tourist information.

PhilForum is the mailing list of the Philippine Forum, a New York-based organization composed of a group of Filipinos and friends of the Filipino people who have gotten together to support the progressive movement in the Philippines. It is their belief that they have a role to play in the struggle for social justice in the Philippines even if they live in the U.S. or other parts of the world. They wish to connect with grassroots organizations in the Philippines that are already fighting for justice in many different ways, through art and music and dance as well as mass protest. This mailing list is for those who wish to participate in open discussion or simply learn about existing conditions in the Philippines and the continuing struggle for social justice not only of our countrymen back home but also of the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos who are working away from their families working as overseas contract workers. The list wishes to foster a close feeling of community among its subscribers and promote a free and friendly flow of ideas. Ideas that come out of these discussions can be applied towards developing effective strategies for advancing social justice in the Philippines. One of the Philippine Forum's main thrusts is to educate Filipino American youth about the history and continuing struggle for social justice in the Philippines. Among the activities they are planning are facilitating grassroots exposure trips to the Philippines, film screenings, discussion groups, workshops, gatherings of Filipino-American students and other progressive American students, seminars on the life and works of Jose Rizal in conjunction with the recent centenary of his execution, and participation in solidarity events. For more information,

Prog-reviews is a mailing list where you get reviews of Progressive Rock, Symphonic Rock, Progressive Metal, Art Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and other sub- genres to the aforementioned genres.

SanFelipeGroupForum is the mailing list of the San Felipe Group Forum or SFGF. It is a discussion group created to bond together all those who trace their roots to San Felipe, Zambales, Philippines. The SFGF aims in uniting all citizens of San Felipe and communicate with each other through the exchange of information and discussions concerning matters of interest to the members and the San Felipe community. The current listing of the SFGF includes San Felipenians from the Philippines, United States of America, Canada to England. If your roots are from San Felipe, Zambales, you are cordially invited to join us. If you are interested, please e-mail Freudian Fernandez at with your barrio, current location and e-mail address. For more information, go to

StampsPhil is the mailing list of stamp collectors who collect Philippine stamps, in particular stamps which cover the Spanish period. Trade, swap, buy, sell, and exchange information on Philippine stamps.

TheWeb is the list forum for the writers and readers of The Web Philippines magazine. This is where past and future issues are discussed. Which articles did you like? How do you find the design and layout? Any grave errors in fact, grammar, spelling? What topics or personalities would you like us to feature? Aside from discussing the magazine, we will also talk about special events like The Webby Awards and trade shows. If you have a website you like us to review or simply to check out, share it with us here. The most important thing is, this is where readers can discuss with the writers directly, and vice versa. For more information, go to

Wika is a discussion-type mailing list on the native languages of the Philippines -- Pilipino (and its main indigenous base, Tagalog), Sebuano, Ilokano, etc. This includes all 130 Philippine languages, even those spoken only in one single barrio. The list is open to all -- Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike -- but the owner reserves the right to remove subscribers who don't follow list rules. The following subscribers are particularly valued: language scholars and researches, writers, and those who want to learn a Philippine language. The list encourages the following types of information and discussion: grammars, vocabularies, idioms, etymologies, etc. This is not a strictly academic list. The list owner does not have a degree in linguistics, and neither is he connected with any linguistics institution. He is just an avid student of Philippine languages. Subscribers are encouraged to post in Pilipino. For more information, send email to


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