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A Holiday E-book, Yours For Free!

This FREE holiday e-book is the latest offering of The Word Wrangler Publishing, Inc. ( http://www.wordwrangler.com ) WWP is a royalty-paying publisher of e-books. If you are an e-book author and looking for a place to publish and sell your e-book, then check out this site.

Now, let's talk about the *free* holiday e-book WWP is offering and why you should get out and download it for yourself and for your family (besides it being FREE).

Here are top 5 reasons why you should have this e-book:

  1. You can read the well-known story of Mr Scrooge to your kids!
  2. You can sing the famous Christmas carol 'cause the lyrics are here!
  3. Lotsa Christmas activities to keep your children busy for hours!
  4. Lotsa Christmas recipes in the book you can cook for hubby and the kids!
  5. This e-book will help you SURVIVE, STAY SANE, and ENJOY the holiday season!

Where do you download? Relax. It's at http://www.wordwrangler.com/hollydaz.htm


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