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DPWH Facilities Y2K-Compliant

Computer systems of the various offices of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) are now Y2K-compliant. 

The department is also in close coordination with the National Security Council regarding the Y2K readiness of the government sector. A DPWH Contingency Task Force has also been already formed. The task force will undertake the awareness, assessment, conversion, testing and implementation activities in all DPWH offices in the country. The task force is also currently conducting an inventory of all computer-base information systems that were not developed by the DPWH Infrastructure Computer Center.

Document tracking, payroll, price escalation, pre-qualification of contractors, project monitoring, project identification, property accountability management, procurement, training information, appointment management, appointment tracking, department issuances, research engineering, accreditation, dossier of contractors, pre-qualification, bidding and award, public bidding, financial management information, asset registry book, allotment monitoring systems and data communications network project are among the Y2K-compliant DPWH in-house developed systems.


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