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by BJB Mitra goodude@email.com

The Internet has revolutionized the way information can be had. You can choose what kind of information you want delivered on your desktop.

This is a series of articles regarding information delivered to your e-mail box. Of course, this is delivered only because you asked for it. Without your requests, nothing will be sent. The schedule of delivery can be daily, weekly or monthly. The information delivered can range from the latest breaking world news story to the best new toy for a child. Just a reminder, its free.

As in Math 101, let’s start with the basics … the Daily News.

Here are the best of the lot:

  • Infobeat http://www.infobeat.com/
    This is the most comprehensive source of simple and basic news. All you need to do is go to the URL above and register. During this process, Infobeat will request you to choose what kind of news you prefer, when you would like it delivered and, what e-mail address will it be delivered to. You will also have the option to have the e-mail sent in plain text or in HTML [with pictures and graphics].

    The Sports area of Infobeat is simply amazing, you can have access in less than two hours after each game, to all the statistics made during an NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB game. You can also have everything sent in just one e-mail after the end of the day.

    Finance, Sports, Entertainment, News, Weather, Reminders and, Classifieds are the main sub-categories. Within these you can eventually tailor fit exactly what you want to know on a daily or weekly basis.

    Try it!


  • CNN/Oracle Custom News http://customnews.cnn.com/
    In the great tradition of CNN, together with the cutting edge technology of Oracle, CNN/Oracle Custom News can be relied to give you what you want when you want it. Like Infobeat, you’ll also need to register and go through the whole process of picking the "profile" of news you’d like delivered in a neat and crispy e-mail ready to be read together with your coffee every morning.

    CNN also has the option to have the latest breaking news delivered to you "outside" of the delivery time you specified in your profile. The last one we had was the devastation and deaths wroth by hurricane Mitch in the Central Americas.


  • TipWorld http://www.tipworld.com/
    TipWorld delivers great as well as timely bite-size information. Each day, TipWorld's team of computer experts sends you a FREE tip via email about the topic of your choice. Need a little help on your new Windows 98? Want to become an expert in Netscape Communicator/Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer? This is all you need.

    We’d like to recommend that you include the option to have the "Cool Site of the Day"; it is certainly interesting what you can "discover" on a daily basis.


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