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Andy Liao started his career as technical facilitator then went on to become a network engineer involved in the design and implementation of LAN/WAN in both privately- and government-owned clientele. Later on, he moved to telecom carrier where he handled large data communication infrastructure and LEC rollout in Metro Manila. Currently he works with Ericsson Telecom AB of Sweden (local office). He is with the company's Marketing Division which deals with data communications and Internet related products. He is also a part member of the web page team at Livewire BBS Philippines. You can reach him at his email at andy.liao@livewire.com.ph.

E. Johnson plays good guitar and loves to read books, not necessarily about technology, during spare times. And that is during the wee hours of midnight and beyond. He also loves to play blues on his second hand axe. One day, he dreams of becoming a rock and roll star; though, come to think of it, rock music is out...industrial music is in. You can reach him at bagiwboy@mailcity.com.

Gary Foreman has worked as a Certified Financial Planner and currently edits The Dollar Stretcher website and newsletters. You'll find hundreds of free articles there to help you save time and money. You can e-mail Gary at gary@stretcher.com.

Joy Arrietahas just gotten through her first year in university and is currently rejuvenating herself at home and getting extra inches around her waist. She'll be turning 18 sometime in May. E-mail her your birthday greetings at angelenensis@hotmail.com.

Meg R thinks she's THE Meg Ryan, Tom Hank's on-screen partner. She's currently experiencing an itch only she can scratch. She considers Ely Buendia her other half. You can e-mail her at adevaab@hotmail.com.

Pam Durian can be reached at pdurian@hotmail.com.

smbeais in the throes of being a bum again, having just handed her resignation after eight months of slaving. E-mail her at iamshery@msc.net.ph.

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