Anne Marie Chua (ching) is one of the early chroniclers of the Internet in the Philippines. You can read about her article, Internet Connectivity in the Philippines, at

She can be reached at


Noel, twenty-something, now works at the network department of an Internet service provider where he used to be a technical support staff.

You can e-mail Noel at


A Commissioner in Cyberspace BJB Mitra is one of the Commissioners of the National Youth Commission, and he was our featured PromiNetizen in October 1998. He maintains an art gallery at

He also started the Manila Fantasy Basketball League at

He can be reached at


Marife Carandang (mc), 22, writes for Congress. She is taking up her master's degree in English at the University of the Philippines.

You can e-mail her at


Shery Ma Belle Arrieta (smbea), 22, is a self-confessed Internet addict and the editor of WIRED! Philippines'. She has a degree in development communication from the University of the Philippines Los Baños. She is with the Mandala Agricultural Development Corporation (MADECOR), a Philippine-based international consultancy firm. She currently holds the position of project assistant in an Australian-funded project under MADECOR's Asian Institute for Development Studies, Incorporated (AIDSI). You can e-mail her at


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