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Ben Bongalon is the latest addition to W!P's growing community of writers and contributors. He will be writing for his column, Beyond Technology. Ben has lived and worked in Silicon Valley for more than ten years. He currently lives in Adelaide, South Australia works as a senior software engineer for Motorola Australia Software Centre. You can get in touch with Ben at bongalon@hotmail.com.

John Gavilan is a full time Infomation Technology Consultant with about 4 years of experience in the IT industry. He is currently on contract for a Fortune 500 company, where he creates Active Server Pages for an Internet-based Web application. He lives in Mount Prospect, Illinois. John was born and raised in Manila and migrated to the United States about six years ago where he completed his bachelors degree in computer information systems at the DeVry Institute of Technology. He is certified by Microsoft as a Systems Engineer (MCSE), and is now pursuing certification as a Systems Developer (MCSD). He evaluates the different ways to maximize the full potential of the Internet. One of his Internet ventures is palayok.com - a search engine for filipino related websites. You can contact John at john@palayok.com.

Shery Ma Belle Arrieta is getting used to her new role as an auntie that she's seriously thinking of writing an e-tipbook specifically for aunts, tentatively titled "Keeping The Writing Aunt's Sanity: A Helpful Guide For Coping With a Brand-New Baby In The House." E-mail her at iamshery@msc.net.ph or mabelle@msc.net.ph.

Migs Paraz formally belongs to the Internet industry where he is involved with infrastructure and application development companies. But besides that, he also enjoys writing essays and is trying to see if he can cover some non-technical stuff. Aside from the usual tech stuff, he is also into watching the local music scene, and is also trying to get a liberal business education without entering B-school. Write to him at map@internet.org.ph.

Joy Arrieta, 17, is a freshman at the University of the Philippines Los Baños studying towards getting a degree in agribusiness management. You can e-mail Joy at angelenensis@hotmail.com

Gary Foreman started The Dollar Stretcher, a site dedicated to "Living Better for Less". Gary started it three years ago. In July 1997, he decided to make a full time career out of it. You'll be reading more of Gary's articles in WIRED! Philippines to help you manage your time and money better. You can reach Gary at gary@stretcher.com

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