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Who are our August/September 1999 contributors?

Migs Paraz is our new section editor for IT Company Spotlight. Migs was voted Techie of the Year during the recent Cyber ballot. You can reach Migs at map@iphil.net

Gary Foreman started The Dollar Stretcher, a site dedicated to "Living Better for Less". Gary started it three years ago. In July 1997, he decided to make a full time career out of it. You'll be reading more of Gary's articles in WIRED! Philippines to help you manage your time and money better. You can reach Gary at gary@stretcher.com

Meg R, 23, has just recently found the love of her life. But just as recently, the love of her life flew back to Slovenia. So now she's pining for the love of her life and counting the days till the love of her life gets back. (Now ain't that overkilling the term or what?) You can email her at adevaab@hotmail.com.

Joy Arrieta, 18, when she's not cooking pasta, is busy with her cross stitch. You can email her at angelenensis@hotmail.com

S or Smbea will be turning 23 very soon. If you want to send her a birthday present, you can email her at mabelle@msc.net.ph and she'll gladly give you her snail mail addy ;o). Heck, send her an e-card!

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