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W!P's "Surf the Web" Contest

Surf the Internet and win! It's true, no gimmicks. Play and get a chance to win CDs, books or 35 hours of free Internet access from Philworld Online! This is our way of sharing the Christmas spirit with you, and of thanking you for being loyal supporters of W!P.

As long as you are a subscriber of W!P and live anywhere in the Philippines, then you are qualified to join our contest. We'll send your prize to you. However, if you currently don't live in the country, but you're a subscriber of W!P, you're still eligible to join. If you win, you'll have the chance to give your prize to someone you know who lives in the Philippines and we'll send send the prize to them, along with the message that the gift is from you!

"Ok, so what's the catch," you ask. "What do I have to do?"

All you need to do is take the short quiz by going to this link: http://www.KabayanCentral.com/wired/quiz.html and using the Web to find the answers to each question.

Simple, but there's one catch -- each answer must show up in the top 10 items returned by the search engine. This means you need to phrase your search carefully or use a good search tool.

You might want to read Ben's article, New Tools For Searching The Web first to give you an idea of how to go about your Web search.

If you can't find all the answers, don't worry, send your response anyway. Chances are, others have had similar difficulties. We're not requiring a perfect score. The first five people who send in their answers and get the most number of correct answers win!

The deadline for sending in your answers is December 31, 1999. Send your answers to wired-editors@msc.net.ph and put "SURF THE WEB CONTEST" on the subject. Also include your real name, contact number(s) and your primary email address in the body of your email.

In the next W!P issue, we will announce the winners and post the best answers to each question. Good luck and most of all, have fun!

Official Rules

  1. You must start your search from a public search engine such as Yahoo, Lycos, etc. You may use them interchangeably as you wish-- in any order or combination.
  2. You may type any search expression (keywords), but the stuff you're looking for must show up in the top 10 items returned by the search engine.
  3. Your answers must be reproducable ( what a horrible word! ). In other words, you must tell us what search engine you used, what search word(s) you typed, the rank and the URL of each answer.
  4. Answers that point to a home page (instead of the actual page with the answer) are acceptable, as long as you tell us which links to follow to get to the answer.

    Suppose the question is: "How much is a Jollibee cheeseburger?" If your answer is a URL to the Jollibee home page, that's valid but you must tell us what links to follow to get to the actual price. However, in case of a tie, we will give a higher score for an answer with a direct link to the actual page.

  5. You may do multiple levels of search. In other words, you can first search for a particular site then use that site's search engine to do another level of search, and so on. This allows you to do something like the following:

      Let's assume you're looking for an article. First, search for "Philippine newspapers", and the search engine returns the home page of News.com (as one of the Top 10 items). That counts as one level. Now you use News.com's search engine to do the article search. That's two levels.

  6. We will judge entries based on the quality of information returned, the search phrase used and the number of levels of search/links.
  7. Finally (just stating the obvious), you can experiment with and refine your searches as much as you want before sending your entry.

Now, are you ready to take that quiz? Then go take the quiz!


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