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WIRED! Philippines Surf The Web Contest Winners

by Ben Bongalon   ( ).

We are proud to announce the winners of our Surf the Web Contest:

1st prize"Plana, R. M." <>
2nd prizeApril Lyn Cagape <>

The contest itself was a mixed success: Although some of you felt the contest was a bit too hard and may have deterred a few people from participating, we were delighted by the excellent responses that you sent us.

In fact, our first prize winner even surprized us by using a different search engine ( to answer some of the questions.

RM Plana will have the option to choose which prize he would like to take: a CD or a book (worth P750 and below) or the 35 free internet subscription courtesy of Philworld Online.

April Lyn, on the other hand, will have a choice between a CD or a book (worth P750 and below).

To RM and April Lyn, congratulations! We will be contacting you concerning your individual prizes.

To all our subscribers, watch out for more contests and more prizes!

Of course, if any one of you is interested in the answers, it's here at

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