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COA Launches Web Site

The Commission on Audit launched its Web site last May 7 at the COAWEB Project Center at the COA Complex in Quezon City.

The COA Website, http://www.coa.gov.ph, is a centennial project of the country's supreme audit body which is on the fifth day of the weeklong celebration of its 100th founding anniversary.

The launching of the COA Internet Web signified that the Commission on Audit is now open to the world, open not only to the local clientele and general public but also to the international community through the Internet."

The COA Web makes available to the COA publics and other users information about the operation and services of the Commission on Audit, its accounting and auditing rules and regulations, COA issuances and COA audit reports and significant events and activities.

The website's functional areas include the COA Home Page which will provide the general information about COA, its circulars, memoranda, resolutions and other issuances, including the 1997 Revised Rules of Procedure of COA, and Supreme court decisions on cases involving COA audit and other official actions.

Other functional areas are Human Resource Management Information, Highlights of COA Reports: 1997 Annual Financial Reports on the National Government, 1997 Anual Coa Report on Cumulative Allotment, Obligations Incurred and Obligations Liquidated of the National Government; Fraud Report Form, and COA News; Regional offices/units access to COA Web E-Mail.

Its added functional areas are database access: personnel training, COA clienttele, audit findings; and collective information library: document management and audit help desk; firewall/proxy server; and Internet mail management by the COAWEB.


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