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By Mary Emma Allen (E-Mail: me.allen@juno.com)

For a number of years, my neighbor has invited me to participate in a "Cookie Exchange," an enjoyable holiday custom. I don't know just where it originated, but frequently friends organize these exchanges in their homes.

You can arrange one in a couple of ways, either by planning a social get together or simply having the participants drop off their cookies, then later in the day pick up those they'll receive.

Organizing a Cookie Exchange

Basically you ask ten people to participate. You can have more, but if it gets too large, the cookie exchange may be more difficult to manage.

If ten people are participating, each makes five dozen cookies, all of the same kind. When you have the cookies from each participant, you divide each type into half dozens. When you're through distributing, each person will go home with ten different kinds of cookies, a half dozen of each.

You also can ask five or six people to participate, each making five or six dozen cookies (depending on the number of people involved). Then you will divide up the cookies so that each person has five dozen cookies to take home, a dozen of each different kind.

Methods of Exchange

If you want to make it a social occasion, choose an evening about a week before Christmas and invite the participants to your home with their cookies.

Bake some extra cookies or a Christmas cake or bread to serve with punch, tea or coffee while you organize the cookies on each person's tray to take home.

Or you can do as my neighbor does. She finds that during this busy season it works out best for her to have the gals drop off their cookies on the morning of the selected day.

Then she has time to arrange the different kinds of cookies on each tray for the gals to pick up that evening.

Cookie Exchanges Enjoyable

A cookie exchange is an enjoyable activity and enables you to have a variety of cookies for your family but does not involve your having to make so many different kinds yourself.

Sometimes the organizer asks the participants to include copies of their cookie recipes so the other gals can make more of these cookies if they want for the holidays.

Why don't you organize a cookie exchange as a way to participate in holiday festivities? ### copyright Mary Emma Allen

BIO - (Mary Emma Allen is a columnist, travel writer, children's writer, and book author, and editor of "Writers' Potpourri." Her books include: "When We Become the Parent to Our Parents," "Writing in Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont," "Tales of Adventure & Discovery," "The Magic of Patchwork," and numerous manuals for writers. E-Mail: me.allen@juno.com; Web Site: http://homepage.fcgnetworks.net/jetent/mea)


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