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Christmas: A Celebration of Christ's Birth

By Jade Walker (MaidenFate@aol.com)

Though the birthdate of Christ is not written down anywhere...and cannot be pinpointed to an exact day in history, Christians celebrate December 25th as the day the son of God was born.

Jesus Christ was born from humble beginnings. His mother, Mary, received him inside her body through immaculate conception. She and Joseph, who acted as Jesus' father, found themselves without money and in need of a place to sleep one night. Mary was in labor and needed to rest.

An innkeeper allowed them to sleep in the manger behind his inn, and it was there that Jesus was born.

Now at the same time, three wise men supposedly met with an angel from heaven. This angel approached these men and told them to follow the North star. Underneath the star's light, they would find the son of the Lord, the god of those who follow the Christian faith.

The three wise men did as they were told and made the long journey to the inn by following the star. On a quiet evening in winter, they found the child, newly born and his parents in the manger. The men brought the child gifts and thanked the Lord for this blessing.

Today, this story is celebrated in churches throughout the world as Christians celebrate Jesus' birthday. They sing carols in his honor and pray for good tidings to come to others on such a joyous occasion.

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