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New Year's Resolution: How resolute are you?

At the end of every year, you look back at how you faired the last twelve months. Each one of us might have made a resolution at the start of the year. Did you change for the better? Have you accomplished anything? Did you achieve your goals?

Either you'll answer a disappointed 'No' or a resounding and triumphant 'Yes!'. If you failed, the coming new year is another time to make resolutions and really aim to achieve it. If you've gotten sick and tired of making resolutions and failing year after year, you might just quit and say you aren't going to make another resolution ever again. If you succeeded in keeping or achieving your resolution, you would most likely be aiming at achieving more and bigger goals.

The idea of new year resolutions is basically you committing to resolving personal problems or achieving personal goals. Resolutions are personal commitments. You assess your life, identify the areas you want to modify or change within the next twelve months and then you commit to that change.

While most new year's resolutions are well-thought of and are of good intent, most of the time keeping those resolutions fail. Reasons for this could either be that the resolutions you made are not attainable within the year but they require a longer period of time be realized or that you failed to keep your resolution due to your lack of will power.

One of the top new year's resolutions is to lose weight. You might have made this resolution twelve months ago; take out the weighing scale and you discover you've added 20 pounds, not lost. So this new year, you make another resolution: to take off the 20 pounds you gained over the last twelve months.

Or you might have made a promise to yourself that you would stop smoking. Before, you were consuming two or three packs of cigarettes a day. Now you take a look at yourself. You're still smoking. But now you've stretched the two packs of cigarettes to a month's consumption. Still wouldn't save your lungs in the long run but you figure you'd get there someday. So this new year, you make another resolution to cut down the smoking to only a pack a month. Hopefully when you get down to a pack a year, you'd still be alive or haven't gotten lung cancer or anything like that.

Or a year or two ago, you were a heavy drinker. The kind of person who consumed at least a bottle of beer a day. Twelve months ago, you resolved to stop the habit. You might have succeeded if not for your officemate who kept insisting on tagging you along to bars after office hours. Sure, you resisted but you were only human so after two or three invites, you gave in and got drunk again. Your beer consumption isn't as high as it was before, you're probably down to only a couple of beers a week now. You might have also lost your credit tabs at a number of the bars you used to frequent. Even the barman of your favorite club doesn't recognize you anymore. So this new year, you make TWO, resolutions: stop drinking again and learn to say NO to your officemate.

Or you might be a netgeek. You take a look at the past year and discover, after doing a bit of mathematical calculation, that the time you've spent with your computer against the time you've spent with your family has a 12:1 ratio. So the netgeek that you are, you make several resolutions: you resolve to convince your parents to buy another set of computer, get every member of your family an email address, and teach them how to use the different internet apps like e-mail, ICQ, IRC, Netmeeting and Freetel so you can communicate with them without having to reduce the time you spend on the net.

This new year, you've made a brand new set of resolutions. Whatever they are, it's up to you to achieve them.

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