Wired! Philippines Migs' Introduction to the Community
By Migs <map@internet.org.ph>

Hi! My name is Miguel Paraz. Just call me Migs. I'm helping Shery run Wired! Philippines as the Associate Editor.

I'm helping out by expanding the writer base to include friends and people I know who would like to write for an e-zine, either because they are new to online writing, or that they want a change. We're expanding W!P to cover other topics besides the Internet coverage you've seen through the past issues.

Let me give you some background information on what I'm working on here. I have written for a daily newspaper and an IT magazine before, about the Internet and other technical topics. I was somewhat disappointed about the lack of feedback from the readers - though my editors did say that was part and parcel of the writing. It is also probably due to the fact that I was used to the interactivity of online communication, where what you do merits a response.

That's what I'm looking for in helping to bring you Wired! Philippines- interactivity. We will be putting up a discussion group where you could share your thoughts with us, be part of our community, and steer us in the direction that you want.

I am also putting in more topics beyond Internet and IT, personally because I want to write about things that are not directly related to my line of work, which is in the Internet business. I would like the e-zine to be a venue for articles in the areas of Lifestyle, Entertainment, Business, and even general News - for writers who want to cover these topics but don't want to be constrained by the formalities of writing for the "mainstream" or even for more "polished" online publications. Yes, W!P is a "zine" and will stay that way - we won't have the gloss and overhead of more glamorous destinations. This way, I believe, we will stay closer to your hearts.

We are putting in two (semi-)regular sections that I hope would be interesting to you. The first is called Digital Ink, a section for writers writing about their craft. Note that "writers" is by no means limited to the pros: we are opening this up to anyone who wants to put up their pen (or keyboard) to the public. The second is the IT Company Spotlight, which continues Shery's pioneering work in profiling IT personalities, with a twist. This time we are highlighting IT companies. If you want your company to be featured, just send us a note describing your company and why you think it should be featured.

That's all for now, folks! On behalf of the Wired! community I am hoping for a successful journey through our evolution.


Migs would love comments and suggestions on W!P. Just drop him a line at <map@internet.org.ph>


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