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An E-Mail Interview with CyberC@fe Owner
And Sites Of The Times Editor
Dominic Rivera


Below is a transcript of the e-mail interview with Dominic Rivera, Sites of the Times editor and CYBERC@FE owner.

CYBERC@FE is located at the Bodyplace, 3rd F Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas.

You can pick up your free copy of Sites of the Times in any cybercafe.

Delivered-To: iamshery@msc.net.ph
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 20:06:30 -0800 (PST)
From: Dominic Rivera dominicrivera@yahoo.com
Reply-To: minic@blahblah.net
Subject: Re: Questions for Sites of the Times and CyberCafe
To: Shery Ma Belle Arrieta <iamshery@msc.net.ph>


So first off, your cybercafe muna


  1. Please give me a background of your cybercafe (like who owns, how long has it been operating, no. of employees/staff, etc.)

    CyberCafe went "online" in July 1996. It's owned and managed by myself and my wife, making it a "mom-and-pop" cafe :) We have three employees, including us would make it five.


  3. What were your reasons or what motivated you to put up or start a cybercafe? Why a cybercafe?

    We were so amazed then by the Internet (until now) that we thought of putting up a business wherein Filipinos can also experience the "amazement" that we had.


  5. How was the present concept of your cybercafe developed? (like who designed the look, what to put, etc)

    I have been scouting around during that time for someone who can design our shop but to no avail. I sent an e-mail of SOS to some Internet cafe owners and got a nice jpeg pic of an Internet cafe in Canada.

    I just passed that design to our contractor...


  7. What time do you open and close business? How many computer terminals?

    We have 29 terminals and we're open from 10:00am to 9:00pm everyday.


  9. What's on your menu? Does your cybercafe have a specialty or anything like that? Which on your menu is the hot seller?

    We have over 20 concoctions of coffee. As for the pastries, my wife Tina takes care of the baking... it's really a "mom-and-pop" cafe :)


  11. What times are your peak hours? on a typical day, how many people go to your cybercafe? They're mostly what? students? yuppies? or what? What do they mostly do? chat? surf? email?

    Visit our shop on a Friday afternoon and you'll see these kids from Poveda and nearby La Salle. On ordinary days, we have yuppies...

    Chat rules at CyberCafe.


  13. Does your cybercafe have a web site?

    It's located at http://www.kape.net... It used to be located at www.kape.com but someone from Germany bought the domain from us :)


  15. In what way is your cybercafe different from all the other cybercafes?

    We're a mom-and-pop cafe :) While other Internet cafe owners look at us as competitor, we have always looked at this business as highly geographical. I don't expect you to visit my shop to check e-mail if you're in Bacolod, or Cebu...


  17. Cybercafes are being touted as the democratizers of the Internet. What's your general take/comment/opinion on this?

    CyberCafe for me just brings sociability to computing...



On the Sites of the Times


  1. General background (like who owns, who runs, who publishes, how often does it come out, when did it start)

    I started Sites of the Times early this year. A friend of mine, Mitch de Leon (owner of Nine Planets) came in by third quarter... We formalized its structure and is now being published under Third Avenue Ventures, Inc.


  3. What motivated you (and the people with you) to start Sites of the Times?

    We look at techie magazines as something that won't have that much appeal to the ordinary Filipino...

    Why do you do it?

    It's fun :) ...or else we're not going to publish it anymore


  5. If it's free, what's your primary source of funding for publishing Sites of the Times?

    generous advertisers :)


  7. Who writes for the paper? What're your regular sections/features/stories?

    friends from the IT industry... contributors... We're still building our regular sections...


  9. What's the circulation? Who're mainly the readers of Sites of the Times?

    15,000 with yuppies and students as readers.


  11. How is it different from the other IT publications in the Philippines?

    We don't blurt out techie stuff that ordinary people can't understand (though at times we can't avoid this :)


  13. When does Sites of the Times usually come out?

    monthly... but we're combining November and December :(


  15. What services does Sites of the Times provide? (free ads? etc)

    Ooops we don't have free ads... but we accept press releases as long as it's worth printing


  17. What's a typical deadline day for Sites of the Times?



  19. How far along do you envision Sites of the Times to go? What is Sites of the Times' vision? mission?

    To bring the Internet closer to Filipinos... this is my main mission in whatever undertaking I do... makakatulong ba ito para naman matuto ang pinoy ng Internet...


  21. Does Sites of the Times have an online version?

    None yet...


  23. Who should people/readers contact on specific info/service of the publication?

    Myself or Mitch at 6317758






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